Top 5 Ghost Pictures 2019 | Jan – April 2019 | Posted by You!

So some may think its a little early to be posting up Ghost Pictures of 2019, I thought it would be good to reflect on some of the Paranormal Hauntings Community members photos taken so far.

Tara Knofski: This was taking to day by my husband in downtown Baltimore City Maryland.He got off a bus walked up to get a nother bus for work he said he kept feeling something creepy and that someone was staring at him.when he started to look around no one was staring but before he turned around he caught this creeping at the window staring at him and snap a few photos. I think its a female very pale whitish face and she is transparent. So what do you see? Can you see what I’m seeing.

Taken by Joe Zingrich

Mary Harris: Mama Sarah passed away and she came to say goodbye.

They say spirits can emerge in fire?

Linda Skaggs : What do you think?

Frankie Campbell: This photo was taken in 1981 and I have just noticed a face in the window. It could be a reflection of my nephew but it looks weird….

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