Lottie’s Doll: The Doll with Many Secrets

Two weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to study a doll that a events team Spookology had In their procession.

I don’t normally turn items down so I thought yes why not. I was given no information of her until the following day after I had posted on my page and from this i did a blog on her history and story which can be seen below:


Simon collected the doll on the Saturday and he did report feeling poorly from collecting her to passing her to me on the Monday, but being logical he just put this down to feeling under the weather.

That weekend was my daughters 10th birthday and after having a few days at my mothers earlier in the week before receiving the doll she came back home on the Friday. Friday morning, I changed her bed and noticed something on her side but I didnt take any notice really i just thought that my daughter may have caught it.

On Sunday my husband approached me, he has been away all week and only came back on the Friday evening and he informed me of this mark. He said that he thought I had better have a look at it and see if I can see what it says.

He is a sceptic and even he suggested to me what if you have brought something back?

I said what I thought it said and he said yes that’s what I see, my daughter did not know about the doll at this point and I hand on heart believe her that she didn’t make these marks. She thought an intruder had been in the house and had done it and reacted pretty scared to the point where she hasn’t really wanted to stay in there. I have informed her that she may have done it in her sleep but in the back of my mind, I know the possibility of that is pretty slim because I know how well she sleeps and there is not any sharp instruments located in her to do such a thing.

Is this related to the doll…I dont know, but I have to report it because it happened the weekend I was receiving her.

I’m not going to say what we think it reads, I want you to see if you can see it yourself. Regardless of the different things we think it may read, there is for sure definite words engraved ‘ELLO’ Being one and has I’ve said I don’t believe my daughter did this at all.

Tuesday came and I decided to do a different study of her. For this session i did not suggest that she was haunted, I just simply said that she had an interesting story that I wanted to explore.

Before I go into what i have got i want to just make a statement to say this:

I do use applications in my research and that is because I class myself as an ITC researcher, I test this theory on investigations because I believe that there really could be some underlying truth in the method used in order for a spirit to manipulate it. How a spirit may manipulate such applications I do not know, all I can say on the matter is this please be open-minded, please give it a try, if you do, then you want intelligence to class it has evidence (not the kind of evidence where you make what has come through fit but where you do something and something is said which relates to what you are doing and what you have just asked, that is the difference!)

It is not amateur to use such devices, people have been testing such theories for years and still continue to so to this day. Not all applications are for entertainment purposes either, some of these applications have creators behind them who have a passion for the field and believe in such methods and theories as much as I probably do and offer these to the public completely free.I also want to mention that I use the same numerous applications on all my investigations and it isn’t that common to get replies that seem so intelligent, so for me when people say ‘it must have a recording device made within it to pick up what you have said’ i have to say I don’t agree with that statement because i don’t receive such intelligence on all the investigations I do, it is only the odd time where a ITC session will actually blow my mind!

STUDY ONE – Present : Myself, Aimee

I started the session playing ambient noise, the theory with using ambient noise is that spirit can use the ambiance to build up strength (the ambiance noise is a creepy playground noise which to some may come across cheesy, but the theory behind the ambience is why I played that specific one and lets be honest its a tune that a child could relate to.)

Viewers watching reported seeing her expressions change, seeing her breathing and that to watch her was increasing the audience heart rate. I had a plasma ball next to her, which Aimee can confirm i put new batteries into before i started the live.

A few minutes into the session secrets came through on the afterlight santus talk which can relate to what many felt the doll held.

I ask if the doll has secrets I receive a ‘NO’ then a ‘DONT TELL HER’ and finally a ‘LOTTIE’ response.

Swearing can also be heard throughout and a lot of intelligent replies even towards the end of the session, I say I will come back tomorrow to talk and the reply I get was ‘OK’ .

The plasma balls batteries drained and I had placed new batteries within it and we heard a banging with the garage.

I was then messaged to say that Jumped had came through several times during the live and it is believed Lottie had jumped down the stairs and died and the name William was mentioned which was Lottie’s older brother.

The Morning after the Live myself and Aimee was extremely drained and we both slept from 10am to 2pm.

The live can be watched here

From this session we established that possibly two attachments could be with this doll, Lottie and maybe a male?

DAY TWO – Present – Myself

I used two different ITC devices this time, swearing was again heard on both devices with again the name ‘LOTTIE’ being heard. Again when I am finishing the session I say i am going to go now and the response I receive is ‘ENOUGH’ And ‘FOR ME’.

The k2 was being affected but I am not sure if this was from the live or the plasma ball and I do say this during the live.

The plasma ball again reacts differently at times like someone could be touching it at times? then again it completely drains when I ask for it too.

The following day I am extremely drained again and sleep between 10am and 2PM.

DAY THREE – Present: Myself, Aimee, John and Phil.

After the LIVE people messaged me to say I appeared drained, I felt it even though I had slept all day!

I plugged the plasma ball to the mains and even though it didn’t drain during the live when I turned it off I noticed there was a burning smell. I tried to turn it back on and it blew and I haven’t been able to use it since!

Banging was heard in the garage and at one point towards the end of the Live you hear a bang coming from my home and the dogs yapping, I honestly thought my mum had come back from work. So I ended the LIVE there and came into the house and my mum wasn’t back, nobody was in the house but a clear bang like a door banging was heard by us all.

The EMF level was extremely high again in the garage and again I assume it was due to the live and the devices I may have been using at the time.

Again the ITC produced replies which seem to be instant.

The most common responses from this live was BROTHERS, FAMILIY and BODY. A lot of the intelligent replies seem to be within the whispers.

Lottie came through for the 3rd Night and swearing again also.

I then had a rest for a few days which everyday I had bad luck in some way.

Study 4 – I try provoking with holy water

Probably the most interesting live for me is this one and one i think has been a turning point.

Again swearing can be heard throughout the ITC session, I ask if its OK to put holy water over the dolls head and the reply which i didn’t hear until reviewing back says ‘You B**ch’ when i pour it over her the word generator produces the word ‘CLEANSING’.

The 4 day study is worth a watch by anyone, many who wasn’t sure about ITC have came to me to say after watching they are some what open minded on the theory now.


Since my lives, I have been approached by so many to say what we have experienced has been amazing and intelligent. Would I say the doll is haunted……based on the theories and methods i used i would say so for sure…..and if watching all four of the lives is too much, give these two short clips i did a watch….

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