‘LOTTIE’s Doll Will be coming to our Museum for Study!

Yesterday we asked if we would like to have a doll to enter our museum.

Team member Simon asked if i wanted it at mine to study after speaking to a team member from Spookology who said it is stored in her shed and she didn’t want it in the house because she didn’t like the energy coming from it after receiving from a family.

Of course i said yes and at this point i had no other information other than the team didn’t like it and a picture of it.

I asked Simon to ask the team for its previous history and the lovely spookology have spent all today emailing the family to gather as much history as they can on it.

I posted it on the page yesterday and I cant believe the overwhelming response i have had on it. I simply posted the picture on, said it was coming from a lady and that i had no other history on it and asked the followers on the page to see what they felt anything about it.

Today when i received history on it, i was very impressed once again how many had picked up on key parts in its history.

Its story…

So the family who passed it to Spookology had received from a family who was clearing their grandads house out, who died sadly last year.

The family tells claire at spookology that :

Clare from spookology response!

Claire then has a conversation with the lady on the phone and she sent us this for a round up of the conversion

The family have always believed the doll to be called Clarissa, Arthur’s (the grandad) sister Elizabeth died just before she was 10, the doll is from 1950s they believe it was a either her 7th or 8th birthday that she got it.

Arthur’s oldest sister always said Lottie, (that’s what they nicked named Elizabeth) said the doll talked. They put it down to her being a kid and imaginative as they where all a lot older than Elizabeth, she was the youngest child where as oldest of the children was 17 yrs older, and had her own child when Elizabeth passed. Arthur was second youngest and there was a 13 yr age difference, between him and Elizabeth due to war. Anyway Elizabeth fell, but died 2 or 3 days later, apparently complained of her head hurting. Arthur told the family that she never properly woke up and then died. Ellie, Millie’s sister said there Grandad said from having supper the night she fell Elizabeth kept saying the doll said to jump down the stairs, which they laughed off. They are in the process of selling of the family estate, the house has been with them for over 100 yrs.
Elizabeth was cremated, her ashes still in the house. Her mother wouldn’t let them bury her, she wanted to keep her close.

A lot of stuff has happened, and a couple of weeks before Arthur passed Millie says he was fine in good health, but said Lottie had been and he knew it wasn’t long till he was going to join her.

The doll was given to another child in the family, it would of been Arthur’s niece, but she died. Family put that down to the doll, but Millie says 2 other infants within the family died due to heart problems so that one also could of been a heart problem but no one knows. Things happen in house a lot, Arthur’s mother always said Elizabeth was with them, she had her cremated rather than a burial as they was suppose to move, and she wanted to keep her with them. They never moved as her husband became ill.

It gets sadder…

The family have also offered me the ashes of Elizabeth, i dont really feel its right to have her ashes in the musuem and have advised to have them scattered but i have said i will take them if they want and will scatter them for them if they so wish after a weeks study of the doll. The ashes is not something i will be posting up though if they do want to send them.

So she comes next week…i must admit i am looking forward to seeing if i get anything with her, i havent been this excited about a item in a long time. She will be staying with Simon over the weekend and ill be live with her from next week.

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