EVP’S | Your Recorder and its Bit Rate!

The higher the bit rate the better the quality of audio.
The lower the bit rate the poorer the quality.
People may have seen me mention on my lives when conducting a EVP session that I using a higher quality therefore I am less likely to get EVPS and when I say this I dont necessary mean the quality of my recorder I am using, I am referring to the settings on the recorder in which i am recording at.
Lower bit rates mean more compressed audio. This is achieved by omitting data from the file that isn’t commonly important to the overall listening experience. However, this causes distortions and anomalies within the sound file that can be mistaken for EVPs and can provide many fake positives.
Also more credible EVPs fall into frequency ranges that are commonly dropped by sound compression. So not only will you get false positives, you would possibly be missing out on legitimate EVPs because they are omitted from the file.
In the scientific research area of the paranormal, recordings recorded on a low bit rate would not even be considered as it not seen as best practice to conduct your sessions in this way because it is easily discreditable.
Outside of a paranormal Investigation you may wish to use a lower bit rate for something like taking notes in a class, But if the idea is to analyze it for anomalies there’s no valid reason for it.
Some investigators say they may use it to explore the frequencies spirits are believe to communicate in and others may just use this rate because they know a low bit rate is known for making so many false positives! it is recommended that you use a the highest bit rate setting to ensure the audio is clear and distortion free just so you know what you are catching is more creditable.
Here is a video showing how a recording sounds on a low bit rate

and here is a video showing a higher bit rate

Thank you to NT paranormal’s skeptic Ashton Rogers for his input in this article.

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