Black Mass Caught at East Drive | Europes Most Haunted House?

So this week we investigated the notorious 30 east drive, located in pontefract, UK.

The house itself always as a hype about it and those who first investigate it often leave some what disappointed but what I have found is each time i have investigated it something which may seem really small happens but completely leaves you scratching your head to what it was.

Lets be honest here, the things we generally see on TV shows and Films based on the paranormal are over the top but if you actually speak to a person who says their house is haunted its normally a accumulation of small events which has lead them to believe this, a example of this would be the cupboards in the kitchen all flying open at one time or hearing a door slam at a certain time.

From my investigations here and from what ive seen when other people have investigated here its normally a location which is all or nothing….and I think you need to investigate this location numberous times to determine for yourself whether it has something special about it or not.

A perfect example of this is Dale Makin and Justin from Paranormal Truth. They have spent a solid 20 hours locked in this location and even though not a lot happned during them 20 hours there were small occurences which happened that left the sceptics unable to give a reasonable explaination to what had been captured at certain times.

Here is ep 1 of there 20 hour lock down at East Drive

Just before our live myself and Aimee was in the smoking room, in this room there is pictures on the wall. Some of these pictures are of a black mass captured on the stairs.

I was asked what I thought of them and my response was that I thought they may have been edited photographs. I actually take that claim back now because I actually can not be sure.

We conducted a live and after the live we was sent screenshots from followers on our facebook page.

No black mass

Black mass appears!

Chris Mcmahon sent us this one of a black mass over the Jesus picture we had put against the wardrobe. It appears over Jesus’s heart.We then set out to try and recreate this and we couldnt, even setting the scene exactly how it was during the live and the black mass couldnt be recreated!

I have reviewed this live also and I have noted that before 40min 11 into the live the black mass isnt there even though the shading in this area is slightly darker. The word generator then produces the word ‘HEAVEN’ and then ‘MEAN’ and as I turn the camera around to see this and pan it back round to be in the position I was in, its there and is there for some time and at this point we then recieve what we would class has being intelligence coming across on the afterlight app we were using. The afterlight word generator goes off again I show the audience what has been said and its gone when I pan the camera back up.

I have spoke to people who actively manage this place and there comment was ‘whatever is there doesnt seem to like reglious items’.

Other times during the live, viewers reported that the picture of Jesus was a mumbled up blur and nobody could tell actually what the picture was of.

Could it be a trick of light or could it be something paranormal…as always ill leave you as the reader to decide!

Here is the live for anyone wishing to review

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