THE WITCH APP – The Haunted App?

Haunted App, sounds silly I know but I’ll go into why I have dubbed it this after explaining what it does.

After looking at a few videos of investigators using ITC apps, the witch app seem to provide some interesting results.

After recommending it to fellow team member Chrissie to try, after not having time myself, she decided to explore and test it out.

She reported back that it seems to give off some intelligent replies….

So this weekend we visited Hoober Stand in Rotherham (where witches are reported to haunt) and as suggested by a live watcher we decided to give it a go.

The app The Witch is the dark sister app The Wiccan and both are created by Brian Holloway. It has 13 banks of reversed audio based on dark witch spells and incantations all mixed and reversed, meaning full words or sentences shouldn’t be spoken.

All you have to do to get started is simply choose your sweep rate and go.

I found out today from Brian Holloway, the creator, that this app was designed after a public demand for a darker app to push the boundaries on intelligence!

People who have used it have reported poltergeist activity, being scratched, being pushed down the stairs and even possession…. at a location and after coming home!

After messaging Brian about this he had this to say on the reports I received

”Yes that is very common after running some of the apps. They seem to trigger activity occasionally”

”With the witch I have had loads including poltergeist activity to people being scratched”

Glen a viewer of our live at hoober reported he had been pushed down the stairs after using it and reported he knows a few that got effected from a live stream.

One person her eyes turned black….

Another report is from Phil Newton when I asked him about the app and if he had used it he stated:

”Yes it was on a Live I did in my front room with my wife present! That ITC App is not a toy Charl I’ve not used it since that night”

Sounds a bit extreme doesn’t it to say it’s just an application but the concept to why it may increase activity is interesting.

Basically, the spells and incantations that run through it, even in reverse and mixed, could effectively influence spirit activity to happen.

Spells and incantations are used in rituals and rituals are normally a procedure used to conjure spirits.

Therefore even to use this app, in hindsight you are using ritual techniques through words within it to conjure.

Physiologically, if you know it’s a darker app, you are properly more incline to experience darker happenings also.

We couldn’t have used it at a better place! And we didn’t even know….

We seem to get some impressive replies which shown intelligence and we here at Paranormal Hauntings recommend any one interested In ITC methods to give it a try!

PLEASE watch the first half of the below footage to see the amazing replies we got.

If you fancy having a go with this you can download it from the link below, but just bare in mind there is a £2.49 to download it.




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