The ‘HAUNTED’ Asylum Box is here| Denbigh Asylum



If objects or surroundings can carry energy and the Stone Tape Theory does indeed exist then this item could prove to have some interesting results!

It could be dubbed the ‘ HAUNTED SPIRIT BOX! ‘ and there is only 4 of these being made and Paranormal Hauntings is one of them lucky owners!

It is Built from the timber of the Reputedly Haunted Denbigh Asylum in Wales, UK. A location that has interested the public and paranormal investigators for many years, with it being rumoured to be knocked down any day, this could mean this spirit box timber could be the last remaining stamp of this location!

It Has
– FM 50ms – 1000ms sweep with the option to switch from a static sweep (Red LED) to a static free sweep (Blue LED)(5second button push/hold). ECHO/REVERB & a rechargeable battery.

Anthony Mark of Dark Country made this box with the intention of suggesting the Stone Tape Theory could well exist. He says it is one of his best creations to date and thinks it could have better results then his afterlife box creation.

With this mind, Paranormal Hauntings are looking forward to working with this piece of equipment/item to see what results it may produce.

Here is a video and responses I think I get when I first open it.

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