Strelley Hall REVISITED |COMPARING 2015 VIGIL TO 2018 | The similaries in evidence.

In 2015 I investigated Strelley hall in Nottinghamshire. I went expecting the very least and what I came home with, evidence-wise, was amazing. Upon review I found that I had captured various EVPs on the camera while conducting a vigil in the cellar area of the location. There was only two of us in that cellar and it was neither of our voices recorded.

I had no idea of the history of the location even though I don’t live that far but I didn’t research as I didn’t want it to influence my investigation in any way.

We conducted a vigil, I used the ITC app Echovox and the responses we received from it was swearing, mentioning ‘rape’, we were told to get out and it would seem mists kept coming past me. When I left the cellar area and came back up to the rest of the team I was informed that a maid had been raped in the hall and was pregnant and had been killed.

Since then, anyone who asks where I would consider the most haunted location to be, I would say Strelley Hall after experiencing this.

I have since visited 2 more times, but both times I haven’t been able to recreate the situation down in the cellar area as before.

I was so pleased when East Midlands Paranormal asked me back again to do an investigation there a few months back and told me I could investigate the location as I pleased.

so what I decided to do was to go back into the cellar with minimal people again.

The difference this time was

  1. I had a better camera
  2. I used the Afterlight ITC app
  3. I used a different trigger object
  4. I conducted a EVP session with a recorders
  5. There was 1 more person

The similarities

  • Afterlight app we seem to again get sexual references made, one response being ‘SEX’, I didn’t get this on footage as it was the first word to pop up while I was setting up. What we did capture in the footage was ‘Maid’, ‘Prostitute’, ‘business’ and ‘3 pounds’ all after each other.
  • Team member Aimee, Felt she didn’t like the stairs leading down into the cellar, which was an area I felt most drawn to on my first visit.
  • At times the vigil felt threatening as it did when I had previously investigated.
  • Again strange mists occurred which we tried to debunk as our breath but when we tried to recreate it, no mists was seen.

New reports

The thermal imager seen to capture a colder shadowy figure in the doorway and has Simon sat down he said he felt as though different areas on him were becoming more hotter and were maybe being touched. The conditions in the cellar are cold and damp so you would expect over a long period of time for Simon to feel colder. We put the thermal imager over Simon and he was correct on his right shoulder he was 5-6 degrees warmer than anywhere else on his body. Where Simon was sat which was near the stairs entry leading back up to the tunnel, you would expect that shoulder which was closest to the stairs to be colder, due to drafts and such and it wasn’t.

We didn’t receive any EVPS this time on either the camera or recorder.

We did, however, hear bangs and drags coming from the back wall and as though people were mumbling. The back wall wouldn’t have been there some years ago. The area from the cellar we were sat in would have been a starting point of a tunnel that is still there today but obviously, the wall is blocking the entrance there now so you can not go down it anymore. Nobody should have been in that tunnel.

Another interesting thing that occurred was that during a EVP session we heard a very loud bang within the cellar that all 3 of us heard at the same time. Now you would expect that this bang would have been recognizable on the EVP recording we did but it wasn’t, We had two recorders running alongside each other and neither picked this loud sound up.

The recorders we use do pick up environment sounds very well, that well that I have to tag every step and movement we make sometimes, so I am not sure why it didn’t pick this up.

One explanation i could give, from a spiritual perspective, is that if a spirit did make this bang then it may be that they have used a different frequency to allow us to hear this on.

The same as if you capture something on a EVP recorder but don’t hear it in real-time. With this, we heard it in real-time (very loudly) but didn’t capture it on the device. Its the same principle just a reversed theory.

Please watch both pieces of footage to compare vigils

2015 vigil

2018 vigil



Tudor times
Most of the original Strelley Hall fell down and was not repaired during Tudor times. There is little record of what happened during this time.
During the archaeological dig in 2006/7 it became apparent from the layers of waste that there was probably a major fire at the end of the medieval period.

Strelley Hall changes hands in 1678
Nicholas Strelley was the owner of Strelley at this time but he gambled it away and eventually, the Hall and estates passed to Ralph Edge, a lawyer.
There is a family tree kept near to the Castle Room which shows the generations of Strelleys from the time when they took the estate around 1200 through the period when they lost the estates in 1678 to the present day. Strelley Hall is sometimes visited by members of the Strelley family.

The first Strelley Hall and medieval remains
It is believed that this was erected about 1200 AD. Pevsner says there was a medieval tower which is now incorporated into the modern Strelley Hall forming the Castle Room, the Castle bedroom above it and just a little of the half-window room above that. There is also a medieval cellar below the Castle Room.
The Gate Lodge has some medieval walls, particularly those abutting the road. The formation of the walls is similar to the Church and therefore may have been constructed at a similar time.

At the North end of the car park at the front of the main building is an underground room known as The Dungeon. Although it was used as a dungeon to imprison poachers even in the 20th century, it was almost certainly constructed as a cellar and the nature of the stonework suggests it was contemporary with the other medieval parts of the building.
There are two other rather likely medieval remnants. One was found when the West wall of the triple garage was being built and a remnant is built into that wall. The other was found when a chimney breast was being re-built at the North end of the Queen Anne Lounge but at first floor level.

Dowsers have visited the site to investigate ancient walls. Many people have independently verified that there are the remains of a medieval wall running across the lawn to the South of the Main Hall. It is believed to be about a metre thick and about 30 metres long. An attempt has been made to dig to try to find it. It appears that it was a relatively modern (last few hundred years) brick path leading from what was the main street through Strelley to what was at the time the rear or utility area of Strelley Hall. The remarks above indicate that the first Strelley Hall was a very considerable size.

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