NOMINATION FOR BEST MAG – Please vote Paranormal Hauntings Magazine

It’s nearly been a year since I released the first issue of the Paranormal Hauntings Magazine, I remember working relentlessly on New Year’s Eve on my own to get the first issue delivered.

Over the months I have enquired a fantastic team who help me continuously on each issue to help me publish more and what the writers produce is absolutely brilliant and it would not be what it is without them!

This website has over 20k subs now and thank-you to each and every one of you for subbing.

By subbing it means you receive the latest digital form mag in your email to read as you please.

The latest issue got nearly 400 reads in one week, which is brilliant considering the endless battle I have had to contend with being reported from previous acquaintances every time I share the link on Facebook.

Now I have been nominated for best magazine 2018 by higgypop. Some may see it as a silly voting system but to me, it means that our magazine is out there and being recognized and that all our hard work all year has paid off.

So please vote for the paranormal hauntings magazine on the link below and if you do enjoy reading our magazine and again thank you for each and every one of you who support us.

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