Visit I did to Stonehenge last year…..

Supernatural wise it has lots of reports of ufos and crop circles that tend to surround the area which many believe to be a force that is from out of this world.

But what are the Hauntings

Some have reported seeing and capturing a small boy. Another report by people is that people have took photos which seem to have huge megaliths in them (giants) which they didnt see when taking the picture….And the most interesting ghost story of all is this sighting I found within a forum

‘Once a man was talking to a couple at Stonehenge. They seemed ordinary enough until they told the man that they are hundreds of years old have have visited Stonehenge many times. The man turned away to look at something that caught his eye and when he turned back to the couple they had vanished. They were nowhere to be seen.’

Here is two accounts from our group that members recall happening here

Neil Douglas: Lightening and heavy thunder struck the stones sometime in the 50’s when people went running around these and those was the reports from the people that was there.
Mike Cgh Medium Watson : Not seen anything but as driving up our radio got interference in one particular spot and then the same on the way back as if we had crossed a line of energy….

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