The Oscilloscope – How to Use on Your Haunted items and in Locations! Explained

A few months ago you may have seen an old team member of mine slap an oscilloscope onto a reported haunted doll and state to an audience it had an energy wave.

9 months on and learning about this device I have learnt this wasn’t the correct way to use this device. The paranormal field and the methods is a learning curve and I am forever learning, thank your to Ashton Rogers of NT paranormal for his input on this and of course Simon Wilson.

If used correctly, can be of great value in paranormal research.

One theory is, spirits are made up of energy and should leave a signature on the objects they manipulate. The thing that you do have to remember, however, is that when using this device, it may be detecting electrical changes in the environment. And therefore, it is essential to use this device in a correct way and controlled environment.

The Oscilloscope gives you a real-time visual representation of these changes in electricity in the form of a “sin” wave, or “Waveform” on an FFT graph.

There are leads that need to be attached to the device that has a BLACK (negative) and RED (positive) probe on each side. You need to use the Black Probe on the left-hand side (output) of the device as you look at this picture to ground your object and use the RED probe on the right side of the device to use on what you are testing.

If you stick the RED probe onto an item and leave the other probe off this isn’t going to give you correct results to test the item nor the environment. The probe that is left off will be picking up on different atmospheric conditions (hot, cold, damper more humid conditions) and this can change the reading you receive on the oscilloscope. So, you need to ground the BLACK probe, and you can do this by clipping the probe onto any surface not touching your object to properly ground it.

You should then attach the RED Probe to an item to get a baseline wave pattern. As it sends a 9-volt current through the probes, if the object is conductive you should see a resistance reading on the meter. If it’s non-conductive, there will still be some waveform activity, but minimal.

Now it is highly likely that the item attached is going to have a wave of some kind. This should be the resistance against the current that you are now running through it. The way to test this in paranormal research however on Haunted items is to register and log this wave on the machine. Do a call out and ask if the spirit if it can change this wave, effectively changing the resistance. If something increases in voltage along the circuit, you have created the wave should get bigger or spike. If something could somehow stop the flow of energy, the waveform should flatline.

If you have a high wave for a baseline and you called out and asked for a flat wave, and it did… Then this would be extremely interesting, as the wave pattern had changed entirely. Again, there can be slight wave changes in the wave pattern, but these are not going to be massive unless you have had a significant environmental change.

So how can this be incorporated into “standard” investigations where there are no objects to be tested? If you ground the BLACK probe, you can attach the RED probe to any item or even the environment as long as the baseline wave pattern is monitored before calling out.

You can then call out to any spirit that could be nearby to change this pattern…The most important thing to remember is to log your Baseline wave pattern before doing so and to monitor any changes in the environment that may affect it, such as if the heating comes on or if someone opens a door and creates a draft. The environment in which you conduct this must always be controlled and monitored as even micro changes will affect the reading.

so where can you buy these from?

They are not extremely expensive, ebay sell them for £36. 50 with free delivery. Link can be found below….

Below is myself testing a reputed haunted doll I have and I seeing if the wave pattern changes….

Ashton Rogers testing a reputed haunted doll he has.

Ashton also uses his to debunk…so he uses his exactly what is what it is designed for so detecting broken circuits, so if people are reporting lights turning on and off on their own you can connect this to see if there is a problem with the circuit……

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  1. Thank you for writing a post like this. I love what you said about the learning curve. I wish I saw more of these kind of admissions in the paranormal investigative community.

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