Ghost Captured at Strelley Hall? DEBUNKED

Saturday night myself, Simon and Aimee decided to join East Midlands Paranormal at Strelley Hall in Nottingham for an investigation. Many thanks for the invite guys.

I decided to take an alleged haunted item – Elizabeth the doll. I Decided to lock off a camera on the 3rd floor, where I was told nobody else was allowed and that all the doors were locked up there due to them being offices now on that floor.

I wanted to do a static live while we went off to investigate to see if anyone reported anything.

Upon reviewing the footage at 2 seconds in (top left-hand corner) I notice a figure appear and disappear. Now the only people who had been with me setting up was a lady from east midlands paranormal and my team member Simon Wilson.

The lady left turned the lights off and then Simon left shortly so I could do an introduction on the live.

Nobody else came upstairs.

I’ve reviewed the footage a million times and at first, I was 98% sure it wasn’t Simon leaving me to do an introduction, after carefully reviewing I am now 100% sure it was Simon.

And this is how…

I have looked at the shots and yes a hooded figure does appear which looks like from thin air.

But I have downloaded the video and chopped it up frame by frame and in a spit second, Simon does walk past the chair just before he then appears at 2 secs in on the footage.

It just isn’t that clear and it is an easy mistake to assume it could be paranormal If you don’t slow down frames.

So the debunk starts at 0.5 sec in

Here you see a black shadow through the chair arms.

At 1 second in shadow moves and continues to move until nothing is there…

At 1.5 seconds is it’s gone…..

I didn’t think I had started this live so early on and Simon didn’t think I had either but I must have and this proves that our concentration on what is happening around us can be distracted.

I have to think how many people would have gone to the Sun newspaper with the headline ‘ghost caught on tape’ and wouldn’t have gone to this degree to look into it just to drum up some publicity but I am not in the paranormal to gain fame and fortune…I am here to explore the phenomena.

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