The Beginning of the Paranormal Hauntings Dybbuk Box

The below footage is when the Dybbuk box first entered a museum I was very much apart of. I can not change its story, I have to go with its path, meaning I have to give the story no matter of the troubles since.

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Since then, the team has had a split and I haven’t worked with the Dybbuk box in a long time. Mainly due to shares of money that was involved in it.

The last few weeks I have been speaking to Kevin Mannis, the gentlemen who first brought the original dybbuk (that is now placed in Zak Baggins Haunted Museum) and put it in the public eye in 2003. I have interviewed Kevin in the latest issue of the Paranormal Hauntings Magazine, which is due out on Joomag on the 30th July and is now available to read on Google play now for free!

So please give it a read for his spooky account of one of these!

It is also worth mentioning that I have had conversions to work with this item again only on Sunday!

So yesterday, I had my magazines printed, I went to where the dybbuk box is located, picked it up and placed it down to take a picture of it with the magazine as I did I noticed a stain down the right hand side of it.

It isn’t a product that has been put on it, it isn’t wet (it is dry to touch) and it is only on one side.

The only logical explanation I can give on it is that it may be a result of the wax and heat over the last few weeks, which may have caused it to have this effect, but I cant see why it would only be on one side of it as it wasn’t stored in direct sunlight and the wax is all the way around the box.

I decided to do a spirit box session.

Its worth bearing in mind that I am somewhat cautious of this item, I always have been, so the responses from the session do make sense.

Here is the video: Please to Ear phones to hear the responses clearly….

The ITC seems to make suggestions to people being horrible and a reference to money.

Before I ask ‘do you like me’ it says he likes you.

I go to show the stain on the side and just before I mention it, the ITC says stain.

The sanctus box of this app generates the word ‘Relax’ which is then repeated again to me several times throughout the session on the word banks provided within this app, another occurrence which doesn’t happen a lot, this is relevant to me personally and reflects how cautious I have been to work with this box again, not just because of the conflict with it but because of the stigma such boxes have attached to them.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be doing videos blogs and updates on this item.

I am also going to be working alongside two of the above investigators with this, philip williams and John Williams of red ridge x, I am going to test it, push it limits and see what it produces.

and in the coming months I may even just open it 😉

You can read my previous blog on this item at

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