The Haunted Antiques Centre |The Most Haunted Place to be?

Starting out nearly 6 years my interest in haunted items has grown, what started with a trigger object I had purchased opened a doorway for me into looking into haunted items and researching the concept some more. So I was really pleased when I received an invite to join Project Paranormal and Brookes Paranormal on an investigation at a museum,I did know quite a bit about it and had been following its progression in the field for a few months now.

Before starting our investigation I wanted to ask Neil Packer, the owner of the antiques centre in Leicestershire, a few questions regarding this theories and concepts and some of the items history.

Neil told me that the items collected are from various backgrounds, some are from haunted items groups, eBay with an alleged haunting attached or just general items they have seen and have felt there is a certain energy to them. Some items are placed within the centre to help build an energy for other items – such as a picture of a hospital to see if it brings out the energies believed to be attached to the wheelchair.

He believes that most items could carry the stone tape theory and that to class an item as ‘haunted’ he would say that the item has a spirit attached to it, a spirit that can come and go but it always finds itself back to the item and isn’t within it, they are just around the item a lot.

He didn’t give too much away about what is attached to items and such and the centre does keep a record of any names/people picked up and activity that has occurred while its been open.

It is split into what I would call different energy sections, so there is a section for war items, bibles and exorcist items, pictures, dolls etc. At the back of the centre there is a room named the witches room which has the darker items in it relating to the occult and only this week they had received a dibbuk box which they have contained in a side room for people to be locked off with.

As you walk through, you can feel the energies within there, it isn’t just the items that have alleged haunting’s the actual building itself does.

As I walked through to where the stairs was I had sensed a male spirit which I felt tries to push people down the stairs, Sharon, who was taking me around said this was a common thing mediums reported and that it is reported that much that when the public come to visit they chain the stairs off just in case any one does fall down them.

We conducted 3 lives over 3 pages and I have to say thank you to everyone who tuned in as the watches across all pages reached over 30k.

During our investigation here there was a quite a few things of interest here and those who was here for the night are still overwhelmed with what was experienced!

One person present picked up on the song ‘row, row, row your boat’, Project Paranormal’s member Karen, went to ask if this song had been picked up before and it had, shortly after the ITC running at the time said ‘row, row, row’

In the middle of the main room there is clowns placed on the table, only a few weeks ago, the team at Haunted Magazine had caught some footage of one of these clowns moving. While we was there the SLS was on and it was mapping out a figure on one of the clowns, I went to investigate it and picked up the clown to see if the figure would still be mapped and while I was holding it, it was indeed still mapped out and appear as though it was holding my hand.

An investigator Phil, had felt strange in areas all through the night. We was live and people viewing was stating that they could see something behind Phil has he sat in the wheelchair. Phil stated that during this time he felt as though he had anxiety. I decided to get the pulse monitor to see what Phil’s pulse was reading beats per minute. For a man of Phil’s size and age and health condition, his heart rate should have been between 80-95ish BPM at rest, when I put it on it was reading at 116, as Phil sat there, I did have held of his hand and his palms was becoming sweaty and he did state that he felt as though something had a power over him, as this was occurring his heart rate skipped from 116BPM to 124BPM and seconds later 137BPM at this point, regardless of what you may think was going on, Phil needed to exist the room because his heart rate had become high for a person who was simply just sat down. Phil was taken out and came back in 20 minutes later, feeling a lot better but left feeling like he couldn’t explain what he had experienced.

This has sparked an interest in me to monitor a persons physical health in locations more because a lot of people will state they are feeling a certain way but some may not believe it at times, but if you have the equipment at hand to monitor these claims during something like this, it backs up what the person is feeling to whose sitting by.

Another thing that strongly sticks to mind is that myself and Karen, went to sit on the stairs where people feel as though they being pushed. Earlier we had run a ITC session in the Witches area, which responded with ‘WITCH’. when I asked what their name was it responded with ‘ANNE’. Myself and Karen didn’t get a lot of responses on the stairs and the live signal dropped so we moved to the witches area again, but didn’t get much through. We all then headed back to the main area and from myself and Karen leaving the stairway to sitting back in the main room there was a 20 minute gap. While we was all sat in the main area, sam who works at the centre, spotted that one of the clowns which is placed on the stairs fell over (I say fell over, but to me seems pushed), I show this on the live and come back in to ask who had done it to the response on the ITC being ‘ANNE’.

Members had the centre state they have never had a ‘WITCH’ or a ‘ANNE’ reported before but they have had new items come in through the week, such as the ‘DIBBUK BOX’ which these references could relate to.

It is highly likely that the Dibbuk box has had some kind of witch craft done on it.

Whether you in believe if witchcraft works or not is a different matter but the fact is the intent to create an energy on this item has probably happened at some point with this box, it’s just debatable if you believe witchcraft works or not!

The photo below is of Jacqueline, another investigator present this night. She is holding the new item and someone has taken a picture of it and her face seems to be blurred out of it. Motion blur could explain this, but wouldn’t the whole picture be blurred and not just her face?

Just before we arrived the team at the centre reported that the box had ‘clicking’ sound coming from it, here is the footage

I am not saying that the clown falling over is 100% paranormal, there is a number of factors to consider such as floor vibrations throughout the centre and vibrations from outside to consider as the clown does seem to look as though it is leaning over, but what you do have to consider is that this clown is always placed there, there is masses of people throughout the centre each weekend investigating with similar noise vibrations from the outside coming in, yet the clown as never fell over before. Then with the responses from the ITC it just makes it all the more interesting to me.

Here is the footage of the CCTV.

There was so much to report on during these lives that I would fully recommend anyone thinking of doing an investigation here to catch out our three lives posted here.


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