The DEVILS Rock| Hemlock Stone

How Hemlock Stone came to sit where it does, on stapleford Hill, Bramcote, Nottingham, UK lays a mystery. Nobody knows how it got there or if it is indeed man made or a natural formation!

It sits within a oakland woodland area, a ideal place for the celts to come ( oak is a sacred source for the celts) and a nearby spring suggesting druids may have used it some time.

Many believe it would have been used in druid worship and the rock would have been used as a temple or alter, where animal and possible human saficafices could have taken place.

It was a tradition up until the 19th century to light a fire at the top of the stone (like a bonfire) for celtic festivals such as Beltane on Mayday.

Many believe that the name of the stone could have came from witches who used the poisonous Hemlock Plant in rituals that exist on this site.

Rituals do still take at this site to this day and I know this because people who go have indeed told me they do through the Paranormal Hauntings Group.


One theory states that the Devil (or, say some, a giant) hurled the rock at nearby Lenton Priory from his cave (known as the devils arse now) near Castleton, in neighboring Derbyshire. Apparently the devil wanted to silence the pious prayers of the Lenton monks by throwing the stone at them, but the priory-pulverizing projectile missed its target and has been embedded on its current spot ever since. That’s where the nick name the Devils Rock comes from!

An interesting point to add here is that, the devil was also meant to have thrown another which landed in Lincoln, the stones are said to be made of the exact same stone and look similar in appearance! but its worth mentioning that this kind of stone doesn’t exist in that area of Castleton.

Some people believe it could also be part of a meteorite.

I’ve searched for how people have felt while here and the general feel is that the area changes in energy, some even believe the site to be a vortex!

To check out my live whilst here please watch the video below



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