The Ghost Frequency!


So last night I conducted an experiment on Paranormal Hauntings, I played a low-frequency video to the viewers to see how they felt, what they saw and what they experienced while listening to this….

What did they experience?

While live, one person stated that their dog wouldn’t stop looking at their phone and has the night went on and more watched, I was messaged to say that voices could be heard while I was live, feelings of anxiety was felt and extreme sickness.

So what is the Ghost Frequency…it is Infrasound.

Infrasound is a frequency that is below the normal limit of human hearing 20 Hz down to 0.1 Hz.

Infrasound can be everywhere and it can be safe to be exposed to it, if it is below 10HZ. Anything above that up to 20Hz can start to affect us.

How can it affect us?

Harmful Infrasound can cause:-

Anxiety, fear, headaches, night terrors, extreme sorrow, chills, sickness, apparitions of things and hallucinations.

Interestingly certain animals produce infrasound to communicate with one another, like whales and elephants.

“Elephants, in particular, produce infrasound waves that travel through the solid ground and are sensed by other herds using their feet, although they may be separated by hundreds of kilometers.” – wikipedia

Animals also react to infrasound. This may be one of the reasons they’re so quick to react when a natural disaster is looming, such as an earthquake.

The study into infrasound was conducted by the Russian-born French scientist Vladimir Gavreau in the 1960s. The experiments he did into this can be found here

However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that infrasound was dubbed the ghost frequency.  Vic Tandy, a British engineer and lecturer in information technology, was currently working in a research laboratory of a medical manufacturing company. He had started to experience a number of events which was suggested by other staff members that the labs was haunted.

The events included Tandy turning into work one morning and all the equipment had been turned off, the cleaner who was leaving at the time seemed very distressed and stated that she had seen something. Tandy being a man of science put it down to the wild cats or animals, moving pressure hoses (as the pressure fluctuates, flexible hoses sometimes move) or some sort of lighting effect.

As time went on Tandy noticed other odd events. There was a feeling of depression, occasionally a cold shiver, and on one occasion a colleague sitting at the desk turned to say something to Tandy thinking he was by his side. The colleague was surprised when he wasn’t and found Tandy to be at the other end of the room. One night Tandy was working on his own after everyone else had left. As he sat at the desk writing he began to feel increasingly uncomfortable. He was sweating but cold and the feeling of depression was noticeable. The lab creaked and Tandy started to feel as  though something was in the room with him. There was no way into the lab without walking past the desk where Tandy was working so he knew he was completely on his own.

Tandy looked around and couldn’t see anything or anyone that may explain why he was feeling the way he was and went to make a cup of coffee and returned to his desk.

As he was writing he became aware that he was being watched and a figure slowly emerged to his left. It was indistinct and on the periphery of his vision but it moved as anyone would expect a person too. The apparition was grey and made no sound. The hair was standing up on Tandy’s neck and there was a distinct chill in the room. Tandy recalls, ‘It would not be unreasonable to suggest I was terrified‘.  Tandy built up the courage to turn and face the thing and as he turned the apparition faded and disappeared.  At this point, Tandy decided to go home as anyone who had just experienced what he had would.

When Tandy returned to the lab the next day, he just so happened to have his fencing sword with him. He clamped the sword in a sturdy device and decided he wanted to polish it, as he did this he noticed that the blade was vibrating.

He surmised that something within the lab something was causing the vibration, and the culprit ended up being a recently installed fan that was vibrating and generating a low-frequency sound. The frequency peaked in the center of the room indicating that there was half a complete cycle. So he took the fan out and bang the haunting was gone!!

The infrasound within the lab was at a frequency around 19Hz, which resonates with the human eyeball and makes things in your peripheral vision–like dust motes–appear larger and scarier than they really are and can even cause shadows in the corners of the eyes. Tandy then published his findings in the (peer-reviewed) Journal of the Society for Psychical Research; he followed up that paper with a similar one after investigating a reported haunting of a 14th century cellar and finding another case of infrasonic vibrations.

How to check for infrasound?

Here is a blog I did yesterday to check the levels within your home.


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