A Haunting or Just Infrasound? How to check….

So yesterday I did a live explaining that how some hauntings in a home can sometimes simply be the result of high infrasound in the environment.

If you missed it you can check out the live on the below video



Following this live a few members ask me what they could do in order to check this.

I want to thank NTPARANORMAL, For guiding me on how to do this.

So there is a app that you can download from android called Red vox.

This basically can measure and record infrasound within your environment.

What we need to know is that infrasound is everywhere, but it is when we are exposed to high infrasound, that is when we can be physically affected by it.

So how to do it

You need to download the app

Turn off the electricity within the house or location.

You need to (this is important) attached a EXTERNAL MIC to whatever device you are running this app from. If you don’t it could potentially contaminate your reading so it is advisable to use one.

You then need to place this in the middle of the room on a table, where no Non- ambient sounds are occurring. Even by gently bumping the mic, this is going to create a sound and the reading will be contaminated.

Take a 10 second reading from the app.

Ideally when no infrasound is present or very little is present in a environment, you will see a flat line like in the below picture and it will read 0.


When infrasound is present in a environment the readings may look like this.


This amount of infrasound within a environment is normally seen to be ok and natural and wouldn’t necessary affect a person. So Anything reading between 0 – and 10k is ok.

If the highest spikes are between 10k and 20k there is presence of harmful infrasound. If there are steady spikes in that range there is a high probability that the person is being effected. This is when you will need to check your environment and maybe look at the possible cause and take the infrasound source out.

However If your reading spikes are higher than 20k during a reading, there is “normal” sound contamination still happening which means some where there is contamination of a sound, so go back and check all electrics and such is turned off and repeat.
on a range between 11 – 20k people have experienced paranoia and the range 17 – 18k has in some cases shown to vibrate the fluid in a persons eyeball and which has resulted in the person to see shadows.

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