True Stories as Told by you! – Voices From the Dead!

A few weeks ago I posted up a poster to see how many people have heard what they thought was a voice from the Dead. I have myself heard voices around me when nobody else was around and wondered how many had experienced this too….

This phenomena is common and has been reported for centuries and even gave the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison the idea to work on a machine that he believed would allow the dead to communicate with the living. Edison called this the necrophone, an adaptation of the phonograph was believed to allow the voices of the dead to be heard.


Here are your spooky tales of voices believed to be from the dead…….

Kerry Tiffany Murton I don’t know. One night I was walking back to my bedroom from the toilet and I heard a little voice say ” hey”. Both of my kids and my partner were fast asleep in bed. It still puzzles me to this day.

Heather Gill I’ve heard somebody sighing behind me n my hubby was sat on the settee n he never even heard it.

Steve Ross. Heard a woman’s voice a few times … also heard a child voices …

Jess Pope Yep and I’ll never go back out there even though I have a cache placed there and the people who went after me heard it as well from history its a 5yr old girl who missing in 1981 never found.

Adamo Fiscella I was investigating an abandoned hospital. Well, that was the plan. I didn’t even get into the front door before someone or something asked me, in a deep raspy voice, “What are you doing?”

Theresa King Yes. Child’s voice woke me up by calling out my name. Also we’d wake up hearing footsteps coming down our hallway. Thought it was our own children as it was a familiar sound when they would come to our bedroom. Got up to investigate and they were both in their beds sound asleep.

Lee Mcquaid I used to work as a night operative at windmills market it was about 3 o’clock in the morning and I was walking down some stairs only me in the building and behind me I heard a little girls voice say be careful daddy No one in the building but me.

Tommy Gabrielsen Maybe, through spirit box sessions. I remember one pretty well… there was English radio chatter too, but then also some voices that sounded separate, and I believe to have heard my name spoken pretty clearly. Not only the words sounded like my name, but it was also in a typical German voicing (I recorded parts of this session, although the name was the highlight. The other stuff wasn’t as clear and tangible). But you know, maybe that was just my mind playing one on me…

Jason Grose-Murray Best one, I was with some friends at the railroad depot in a small northern Nevada town. All 3 of us have voice recorders. After a few minutes, I heard get out of here. I tell my friends we need to go. We reviewed the EVP and when I heard the get out of here, it was caught on the recorder.

Flo Lynn Yes, what can only be described as a male voice (but not a regular human voice)above my bed.., nobody in my locked bedroom. It wasn’t what he said but how he said it.. it was horrible. I buried my head in my pillow for about twenty minutes and wouldn’t look up.

Wilhemena DePoupou yes, in 2005 I was very sick and had 2 surgeries. As I was about to have the first surgery, I heard my dad tell me that everything was going to be fine. Dad died in 1992.

Brenda Lindstedt several times a very loud, clear distinct voice tells me something important which i was worried about or thinking about. i listened – a bit startling, but then i had my answer.

Jim Roger Quiamco Remulta yes since i was a chid i used to play with them i also bring them to my house and once they enter my houe they cant go out and instead now they are gaurdian of our house.

Kristy Trevorrow my mum heard my name getting called out by a male at 3 am in the morning everyone else was a sleep she told me the next morning i have heard whispers.

Ronald Chalmers My wife recorded a set of foot steps walking next to her she asked if it wanted to be blessed in a deep voice it told her no and when I walked up to her it said pain.


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