Communicating with the DEAD: Can it harm THEM?

Most often then not, people will ask questions such as ‘If I try to make contact with a spirit can it harm me’ and generally investigators will give their view on what they feel is the safest way to communicate for the person to proceed with this.

But lets just reverse roles here for the minute, what about if they communicate with us, can they be harmed?

Some may read this and think of course not, spirits haven’t been proven or they don’t exist or how can we hurt them if they have no physical shell!

But how many times are investigators been asked to leave, go away or shouted at to go or sworn at to go and even have sounds which could sound like screams coming through during EVP sessions and spirit box sessions, I know myself it has been quite a lot……

Yesterday I was sent a recording by James Wright, a paranormal investigator for Paranormal Adventures UK, who believes he caught a EVP in abandoned building he was exploring. Take a look and see what you think yourself.

I understand that some may say suggestion has been used here with this EVP, but I am a believer and I like to remain open minded!

This recording left myself and James pondering, if this is spirit communicating are we harming them or hurting them in some way to do so. If you believe the theory that once you open yourself up to communication without some kind of spiritual protection anything can past through, what happens if its the same in the afterlife? What if they need some degree of protection to communicate with us……The mind ponders…..let us know if you have ever caught anything similar to this.

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