Most Haunted Castle in North Wales? DENBIGH CASTLE!

So over the weekend we visited Denbigh Asylum. Struggling to park we decided to check out Denbigh castle and park there while we visited.

It’s a stunning castle and i was keen to get back and look up some of its history and hauntings that surround it.

I am very surprised after researching that investigators do not come to this location much before or after visiting the asylum (which is only approx a 10 minute walk away) and it is accessible at night! It is a place that I will be checking out again this weekend that’s for sure!

History and Hauntings

This is Denbigh castle, it is Steeped in more than 700 years of history it comes as no surprise that Denbigh Castle is reputed to be one of the most haunted fortresses in North Wales!

For centuries, visitors to the castle have told stories of strange goings on in the ruins of the 13th Century building from odd sounds in the dark, unexplained goosebumps and even seeing eerie mists and ghostly faces.

Legend tells that visitors to the eastern section of the castle have spotted a dark shapeless figure dashing around the Goblin Tower and sometimes a boy’s face can be seen looking out unhappily from a window.

It’s claimed that it is the ghost of the castle builder’s son who slipped and fell to his death.

However, some believe he came to a more sinister end and was falsely accused of having an affair with the land owner’s daughter and was thrown to his death from the tower.

Others claim to have heard the wails of a guilt-ridden and heartbroken woman, who if legend is to be believed, was getting water from the well when her child fell from her arms down the watering hole.

The most famous haunting here though is the ghost of a white lady, who many claim to have observed gliding across the castle grounds.

She is said to float around the footpaths near the Goblin tower surrounded by an eerie glowing white mist.

In December 1999, three youths hit the headlines after they were left terrified when the white lady glided towards them from the tower.

Another local legend also says that a dragon once resided in the castle, but a man with eight fingers on each hand finally killed the creature.

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