The AFTERLIGHT Box – Free Download!

The Afterlight Box is a ghost box software with many features to help communication with the alleged spirit world!

It sits with the ITC bracket, which stands for Instrumental Transcommunication. ITC is a broader term used for electronic spirit communication.

The Afterlight box was created by Anthony Mark and is FREE to download and Try on the website Extremesenses.

It is only available to download on windows, so it can be downloaded on any laptop or tablet that is windows.
The Afterlight box comes with both special chosen sound banks and internet radio stations. Optional real-time reverb or echo avoiding the need to buy external pedals. There is also no need for noise reduction also, there is no static at all.
There’s even an Ovilus like feature included and this is called Sanctus talk and all can function at the same time.
Features: Cool user interface by Anthony Mark Global real-time audio effects (Echo, reverb) Bank A: New audio banks by eXtremeSenses software Bank B: Embedded Whispering pack from Infinity box Bank C: Revamped Dark side pack from the Infinity box Internet radio option Also includes the new Sanctus Talk (Ovilus* like feature) The popular silent mode is by default Sweep rate adjustment Volume adjusment Use your own background music

To download click the link below

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