Richard Hammond And his Out The Body Experience!

There is some celebrities in this world that you would never expect to admit to a Experience they have had from a spiritual perspective. After being sent Richard’s video of his experience, I am going to go into detail about his experience and his outcome from that experience. Admittly, it surprised me but in some ways comforted myself also.

If dying scares you or your reading this to gage some comfort in what we may experience during those moments just before we pass, then Richards experience probably will ease your mind to what a person may experience during them fighting moments between life and death.

In 2006, Richard was involved in a accident during filming of a Top Gear episode. The car he was in had a tire blow out at 310mph which resulted in Richard violently rolling downhill and having to be cut out the car. Richard spent two weeks in a coma where doctors told his family that he had a very silm chance of survival.

Richard believes his wife brought him back to consciousness…but his experience and sense of peace he felt just moments before seems very much out of this world and may be some proof that even though our physical body may be in one place, our mind and thoughts could be in another….

Interestingly, Richard states his main Brain injury is in his frontal lobe however I do wonder if this injury as triggered another part of the brain to kick in which tends to be assiocated with spiritual experiences. This particular part of the brain – parietal cortex, in some theory’s suggest if simulated it can somewhat induce a spiritual experience and even though Richard has damage his frontal lobe, I can not help but think maybe Richards accident and injury aided him into having a ‘spiritual experience’ during his coma.

I do wonder since the accident and having the injury he has from this, if Richard has had any more spiritual experiences and if like those who have a Near Death Experience, Richard is now not scared to die. From his reaction he seems content that if wondering around this tree in the lake district is going simply be his ‘Last thought’, then death is not as scary as we all deem it to be.

Those who normally experience something on this level often are more prone to having more spiritual happenings after the event and many state it completely changed their perspective of life and take to a more spiritual path. Most who experience a near death experience often report after that they can regularly have out the body experiences and even though Richard at the point didn’t know he was out his body until he regained conciousness, I would definitely class it as being one.

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