The Soul Trap theory seems to me abit of a new theory that only seems to have surfaced within the last couple of years.

I only came across it today after scrolling social media and happen to stumble across a video on it.

So what is The Trapped Soul Theory

Well firstly to believe in it, you have to believe that when we die, we are not just dead, but souls that surface from our physical body in spirit form.

I think then there is a mass conception of that when we die we may see a white bright light that we go towards. I think this conception comes from alot of people who have experienced a near death experience who when they have came back to their body have reported seeing this ‘white bright light’.

Most of us believe that to go towards this white bright light after death it will take us to another Realm which is much better than we have lived and we will be reunited with love ones and family, for example go to ‘heaven’.

However, The Soul Trap Theory takes on abit of a twist to this concept.

The theory believes that as we see this white light it is a trick to draw us into going into our next life, so reincarnation.

The theory seems reglious with a added matrix based belief stating it is indeed demons luring us in to the next life and sometimes these dark energies act as our family members calling to us but it is nothing more than a trap to lure us into a forever suffering loop however the theory suggests that if you turn away from the light the universe and freedom awaits you on the other side.

It makes sense to why anyone would automatically go towards the light as we are surrounded in concepts which make us believe we need to head towards the light in order to ‘move on’/ ‘pass over’.

The theory contridicts the theory that ghosts linger this Realm because they haven’t gone to the light – they are trapped here. Based on the Trapped soul theory, if they didn’t head towards the light and went towards the universe instead then why are they stuck within this Realm? where is the sense of freedom?

If indeed this theory is true, potentially as we reach death and more people believe this theory, could that possibly mean over time more sightings of ghosts will be reported? Because potentially people will be choosing freedom over reincarnation?

The theory also does not explain why so many people who have experienced a near death experience are often brought back to this Realm by relatives they have lost…

A common occurrence within near death experiences is that passed family members often tell those experiencing death that it is not their time and often enforce the person to fight on to pull through to regain their life. Surely, if this was the act of demons wanting us to lure us into a forever loop of life they would indeed lead us on, in any circumstance to trap us in that loop!

Abit of a deep read for this evening but one I thought as the belief grows in this theory, more people may want to research into all aspects of it. If you came here for answers on the theory, unfortunately nobody really truly knows where we go when we die, however, personally speaking, if when I die I see a white light – I may just turn to also see what is behind me before I head into that light….

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