On a stretch of grass situated at a busy roundabout in lecistershire, there is a particular large boulder which is known as ‘The Humberstone’ or by some as ‘The Hell Stone’.

The boulder is made of pink granite and is thought to orginate back to the ice age.

Over the years many have tried to Bury the boulder however it is said that it has risen to the surface by its own accord.

Today only the top of the boulder can be seen however in the past it has either been completely hidden or at other times completely exposed in a man made hollow.

So it’s not surprising to find out that the boulder has its own local legend and that being that it was dropped by a god or a giant and is haunted by fae who protect it.

The boulder is rumoured to be cursed and anyone who harms it will suffer misfortune.

One farmer who had tried to move it allegedly suffered nothing but bad luck for years after and ended up in poverty. Over the years roads built nearby have avoided the stone as nobody has dared to disturb it due to its reputation.

Over the years, passerbys have reported hearing strange deep groaning noises coming from the boulder.

There is even rumours that a secret tunnel was thought to link it to the site of the former Leicester bypass and many believe its aligned to other nearby standing stones.

On my visit to the stone, I actually found it quite comfortable to sit on and found it quite a peaceful place to watch the world go by, however I am always settled in places where fae is always rumoured to be.

The woodlands you walk pass to get to the stone I believe at a night could hold some energies willing to come forward… it had a certain eerie feeling to them even in the day!

2 thoughts on “The Cursed Humberstone of Lecistershire- The Hell Stone

  1. Hi Charlotte! Larry the geologist here. When you find a rock sitting where it does not belong like the Humberstone, we call it an “erratic”. It was undoubtedly moved in or on a glacier from the last ice age, picked up somewhere north and dropped as the ice melted… roughly 10,000 years ago in your part of the world. It would be fun to find the source of the pink granite, somewhere in Scotland perhaps. Larry

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