A location I was advised to visit by a fellow work colleague who had visited the steps over the years many times.

Actually titled on Google maps as the witches steps, I decided to have a wander in the day to suss out how it felt for a night investigation.

The steps are located behind Clifton Hall in Nottingham. Clifton Hall over the years as gained quite a ghostly reputation. It’s a story that has also intrigued me being a local girl with obviously having a fascinatation in the paranormal.


Reports of Clifton Hall being haunted stretch back to the time when it was a school. Staff and pupils would experience many strange things, ranging from dark apparitions the height of children, unexplained banging and tapping on walls and doors, and disembodied voices as though a conversation is taking place.

There have also been unexplained bloodstains appearing on bedclothes and floors.

In 2007, Anwar Rashid purchased the South Wing of Clifton Hall and immediately moved in with his young family.

From the moment the family moved in, they started to experience intense paranormal activity. They claim to have heard a heavy thudding on the walls the first night, followed by a disembodied voice saying, “Is anyone there?”.

On another occasion, Nabila, Anwar’s wife, was on her way back upstairs at 5am after getting milk for their infant child when she saw one of her daughters sitting up watching TV. However, when she checked her daughter’s room, she saw her in bed, fast asleep.

The activity got so frightening, friends and family members refused to visit. When the family saw bloodstains on the baby’s quilt, that’s when they made the decision they had to move out, leaving that very night.

Lee Roberts, a fellow Nottinghamshire investigator investigated the property and since then I’m told the activity has come to a halt.

Today, I spoke to a friend of Anwar and I was told that half of the hall is still empty. I knew this already and questioned why half it remains empty all these years after when the other side of the building is luxury apartments. I was told that Anwar is Muslim and within the Muslim culture it is believed that if such entities are present in a building they should be respected and left and its possible a compromise has been reached between the two. Within the Muslim culture everything should be respected as everything even entities however bad have been created by God and everything as a purpose.

So has Anwar at some point gave the entities in the building their own space for the sake of peace? It makes sense if he has.

Where do the witches steps fit in the story? I had heard rumours of witchcraft occurring in tunnels underneath Clifton Hall but after speaking to Lee Roberts he dismissed there being tunnels at all!

After doing digging I found a article on Nottinghams hidden history website titled: The fair maid of Clifton.

Article can be seen here:


The article details that a young girl by the name of Margaret was kept a eye on by a rumoured local witch who was dubbed the guardian of the Grove, a sacred place for lovers.

Alledgelly, Margaret was punished for her faithlessness to an absent love -bateman, by being dragged by a demon to a watery grave in the swiftly flowing Trent beneath its overhanging branches after giving birth in the local church.

The story states that Bateman and Margaret’s other lover German fought to both their deaths. Margaret was pregnant during this time, reading between the lines because of Margaret’s unfaithness, there was worries that her child would suffer as a consequence of this and possibly that Margaret at the time her child was born even possessed. During this era it would not be uncommon for a women’s act of unfaithfulness to be blamed on a possession as it would be deemed that evil forces perhaps influenced the adultery.

What happened to the child though after Margaret was alledgelly dragged to by a demon to the trent? There is no mention.

During our investigation, Aimee asked out to the witch of the Grove, if she was there, to tell us what happened to this baby and the response we received was ‘keeping him’ or ‘keeping it’.

Watch the reel below of a short review from out investigation here:


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