Happy New Year All, I thought I’d share my little find today whilst on my way to the Blue Lagoon.

If you are a tourist in Iceland you may be considering a trip to the Blue Lagoon, the vast minority of tourists stay in Reykjavik so the road I’m going to talk about, you will drive down to get to the lagoon

I was casually snoozing on the bus to the lagoon when I heard the tour guide say ‘Ghost’. I quickly shot up to hear the story and to take pictures and listen. After telling the tour guide of my interest in the paranormal, he kindly retold the story on the way back from our visit to the lagoon so I could map exactly where it was.

If you read this, Thank You.

The Ghost

It doesn’t look like the other mountains in Iceland, it looks abit like a hill – nothing spectacular. However many people do hike the area and I’ve located on Google maps exactly where about the haunting allegedly takes place. Investigating it would be near impossible as its on a main road and today has been 70mph winds with -15 temperatures.

The road that passes this particular hill is where most of the ghostly reports are documented. Many apparitions have been sighted by drivers passing. That many ghostly sightings have been reported here that locals nickname it The Ghost Mountain or The ghost or Ghost Town.

I was told that many drivers over the years have reported seeing a man in distress and trying to flag cars down for help and when they have stopped to help he has simply disappeared.

Others have reported that a ghostly apparition has also got into peoples cars for him to disappear shortly after…

Hikers of the area have also seen him, have spoken with him and had tried to help him to only witness him dissappear in front of their eyes.

Who could it be?

Well a little further down the road, just as you turn into the road to the Blue Lagoon, the tour guide did mention that there was a plane crash in the area during the war. Men did die in the crash so are drivers and hikers encountering the ghost of one these?

There is very little other history online about this particular area so it’s hard to completely outline all the possibilities of who it could be. However, if you ask me, the ghostly encounters seem to tally up with the distress of how a person may behave if they had been in a plane crash. So my spiritual logic thinks that is who it could be haunting the road.

What are Ghosts called in Iceland?

If you research, Icelanders believe people shouldn’t communicate with ghosts at all and that ghosts actually can not properly communicate with the living and should be left alone.

Others think ghosts exist due to its cause of death or that it just wants to terrify a family.

There is a big belief that Ghosts only wonder Iceland due to an magicians magic awakening them and they come back soul less…think along the lines of zombies…

One particular site in Reykjavik, which is now only a square where a outdoor market sits is a old graveyard that legend says many magicians came to perform rituals to awaken the dead and by doing so they played the Lords pray backwards. Many meetings with the Hidden People allegedly also took place here.

It looks quite a pretty site at present to say many negative practices was performed here and with its given history.

I think I’ve been respectful in my visit, because even though my curious mind as seeked to see the sites and see if I see anything or experience anything, I chosen not to do spirit boxe sessions today out of respect for locals and their beliefs.

If a ghost wishes to show itself or present itself it truly will without the use of any gadgets anyways. Nothing did however admittly I have had a few strange occurrences while I’ve been here which I will detail in another blog….

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