Kingwell Woods Lost Towers | Did we Capture the Ghost of the Blue Lady Laugh?

Very little historical fact is known about the the forgotten Towers located in Kingwell Woods but what we do know is they used to be referred to as The Worsborough Common towers and were constructed at some time between 1731 and 1756.

They didn’t form part of a castle historical evidence shows this however it is believed they was built due to a family feud within the Wentworth family.

The towers were certainly the work of either Thomas Wentworth or his son William. If built by Thomas, they could have been constructed at the same time as the Stainborough Castle folly, around 1731. The tower in Kingwell Woods is similar in appearance to stainborough Castle.


Kingwell woods is allegedly home to the Ghost of the Blue Lady. She has mainly been sighted within these woods near the ruined towers however locals have also reported seeing her apparition at Staincross woods and Wentworth Castle also.

Who is the Blue lady?

There are a few variations on who people believe she is. Some document she is a lady who fell down a mine shift, became trapped and died when looking for her husband.

It states in a book haunted Barnsley, that she was a lady who lived at Darley Cliffe Hall around the time of the civil War who died while looking for her long lost lover who was a cavalier soldier.

It is thought that the ruin did have a secret room through the cellar which had tunnels attached which lead directly from the ruin to nearby St Thomas’s Church. Family treasure is believed to be hidden within these tunnels and at night this lady would light a candle and leave it in the window to signal to her lover and his troops a safe passage.

Her blue glowing apparition as been seen by so many over the years emerging from the one of the tower ruins 50ft in the air and floating across to where the other ruin Tower is.

The Ghost of the Blue Lady has freightened many walkers over the years. One man claimed he nearly fell to his death when he seen her and 3 other school girls claimed chased them away.

Our investigation

I’ve visited Kingwell Woods before in the day around 5 years ago. I can’t really recall how I felt at that time of visiting but I do know it seemed quiet but could hold a few secrets. I vaguely recall I may have picked up on abit of occult dabbling occurring but not much paranormal investigating went off on my visit if I’m totally honest so I didn’t get much in terms of paranormal activity.

I remember wanting to revisit at night. Since then, I had seen a friend investigate the towers and I know he had a scary and spooky experience at the 2nd tower situated at the top.

This week, myself and Aimee decided to visit the towers, 5 years on and more spiritually with it I’m glad I decided to wait.

We heard a man speak and I’m not totally convinced it was a living person because we would have seen him in the wooded area if so and he would have had to climb nearly a 6ft wall or would have had to walk past us to gain access from where we heard him from. However, I am logical and there is nearby houses and sound can travel so I can’t 100% say the voice we heard was not from a nearby house.

Before starting our live investigation on Facebook I felt I had been pushed. It quite quite hard to the point I went back on my heels so I don’t think I had just became unsteady.

When I headed to the second tower, I had immense pain in my left leg as if I had been shot in the thigh. I did wonder if it was just the fact we had climbed a bit of a hill to seek the tower out but when I asked for the pain to be taken away it did.

It was a very good and responsive investigation we had here…one of them nights that reminds you why you are investigating the paranormal and why you love it so much…it was a much needed reminder.

We captured a EVP at the tower which sounded like a women’s Evil Laugh.

At this particular time we heard very clear walking around us, Aimee did go to check twice to ensure we were the only two living beings around at this time.

This followed by one of the most responsive spirit box session I think we have ever had – I always seem to say this but I have to admit I think this tops them all.

At times, it did feel as if we was having a conversation. At one point we turned the spirit box off to listen as we heard a noise and when we turned it back on, Aimee apologised for disrupting the session and the response we got was ‘Its ok’ – That’s how responsive it was.

From the responses we got from our spirit box the following is what we feel may be here and what may have happened here.

A lady haunts the area who is a bit jealous of other ladies visiting the area and is abit revengeful of men. She does seem to guard the tower.

There is a male here who when we asked for a name, the responses we got back was ‘ Slag’. He’s not that nice!

The name Charles was said. Now I do believe the towers could have had a connection to Charles I – which is quite interesting.

The responses we got which seem to be from the lady was that she was pregnant and had lost her baby. The father was the man who was also coming through to us at the time. She was having a affair with him.

It was felt they she could have been kept in a room here in secret and that she and her baby may possibly be buried somewhere near the tower. Spirit box replies did seem to confirm this.

We asked if anyone had dabbled at the ruins and the reply we received back was ‘3 People’, I do want to state that myself and Aimee do feel that could be the case and after all the ruins did belong to the Wentworth family and allegedly the Wentworth family were into their occult practices – Just putting that out there!

At times it seemed as if we could have stepped into a domestic between the lady and the male, I felt he could at times had been preventing her from coming through to us.

Please check out our full investigation at the towers, I think its one many of you may enjoy.

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