Earlier in the year we visited Robin Hoods Grave and Kirklee Priory to take a look around.

The area is a estate and is privately owned so if your looking to visit, I’d advise to seek permission before hand. I am advised they allow tours twice a year.

Kirklee priory is located in Kirklee in Leeds the United Kingdom, it is where Robin Hood allegedly shot his last arrow from before dying. Where ever the arrow landed allegedly is where Robin Hood was buried.

For more History on Kirklee Priory and Robin Hoods Grave, please watch the short video below of out visit.

Is Kirklee Priory haunted?

I asked the owners if they had ever experienced anything of a paranormal nature within the old priory and they stated that no they hadn’t.

Is Robin Hoods Grave Haunted

Apparently, yes it is. I only found this information out yesterday after I came across it while researching on another location.

Over the years reports of Paranormal phenomena around the grave have been reported to The Yorkshire Robin Hood Society.

One of the earliest reports comes from a elderly lady who lived locally who reported hearing Robin calling for Marion. Upon looking where the voices was coming from she found a silver arrow located next to to grave.

In the 1980s a man named Roger Williams reported seeing a white apparition of a lady visiting the grave two times. Once in 1963 and another time in 1972, he said she simply glided across the grass near to the grave and stated ‘wild horses would not drag me up there again’.

Another report, is from a paranormal investigator who reported he felt a terrible evil force in the area and he too had seen a white figure appear in the woods nearby to where the grave is located. He reported that his friend who had came along with him came immediately unwell after visiting the site.

We did conduct a live spirit box session while we were at the graveside. The walk to kirklee priory to me felt there was a energy to it.

We did capture ‘Robin’, being said when we asked whose grave it was.

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