Last night myself and Aimee embarked on a Ghost Walk of Hull with Mike Covell live to our Facebook page.

If you don’t know who Mike is, he is the leading historian for Hull who dedicates his time to the History, Ghost stories and Folklore of Hull since 2006.

I think Mike’s passion for Hulls history and untold stories will shape generations of people on how they see Hull for many years to come and it is not hard to see why. He is a wealth of knowledge and you could easily lose yourself for a few hours just engaging in a conversation with him.

After knowing Mike for many years now it’s nice to see everything falling into place for him as he is always on hand to help people out if they need to check a historical fact on a place and when your in his presence or even watching him in a video you can see the enthusiasm he has for what he does.

Mike as appeared on many TV shows over the years including paranormal lockdown, Most haunted and an amazon series I personally featured in with Mike called Dicing with Death produced by Paranormal Truth.

If your visiting Hull and want a historical tour you can contact Mike on Facebook via searching Amazing Hull Tours. He can tailor your tour to your specific interests whether that be just a historical tour of a specific topic or a mix and match tour of historical history and the paranormal.

Hes also produced many books including books on Jack the Ripper, Haunted Inns, Hulls Haunted Houses, The Humber Monster and many more. Mike is due to release another book in Decemeber this year, which will document 39 De Grey Streets history (or lack of) – The house in Hull which in recent years hit national papers as being Britain’s Most Haunted house.

You can purchase any of Mike’s books by searching on amazon ‘Mike Covell’ and if you attend a tour he will happily sign it for you.

Please click the video to watch our fantastic walk with Mike.

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