Just before Halloween we visited Gresley Hall located in Swincoate in Derbyshire in the UK.

Gresley Hall is very well known for its haunted reputation and some think it could possibly be one of Derbyshires Most Haunted Halls.

The Hall was built in the 16th century, from a priory that was previously on the land in the 11th century up until the 15th century.

The Hall is rumoured to be haunted by monks, children and a maid who lost her life in a fire. A man is often felt also who generally is not that nice.


We streamed our 3 hour investigation at Gresley Hall Live on our Facebook Page.

We decided to conduct a vigil in a room which on my last visit here, I felt had the most energy. We placed a chair on the table and attempted to channel our energy into into chair for spirit to take they needed to. During this vigil we heard walking behind Amiee, we captured a EVP which said ‘FUCK OFF’ and the trigger bear we had appeared very responsive to questions we were asking.

However, one particular point we did hear a bang as if something had been thrown or dropped. At this point we considered that it was possibly a fly that had flew into something but it did raise the question to why it sounded so loud.

Simon reviewed the footage from the static camera this week and as you can see in the video below a light appears from mid air it comes down and then you hear a bang.

After seeing this, I am now not completely convinced that this was a fly. Simon said that he checked by the rest of the footage and it did not show other flies flying around in this way. He did state however that a fly flying above a lamp could but can’t explain the bang.

I don’t think its something falling from the ceiling because I didn’t see anything on the floor that could have made the bang and also the object would have had to be reflective to create a light source on the night vision camera. The object also appears from mid air rather than from the ceiling.

This kind of capture could be considered as the Apporting phenomena, over the last few days I have had a few people message me to say they thought it could be.

The apporting phenomena is when a object appears and dissappears with no explanation to where its gone or how it may have turned up.

In this case, we don’t see the actual object, however on the footage it does seem to appear from mid air and disappear and then you hear a thud. Therefore, I can see why it could fit within this phenomenon bracket.

Unfortunately, the apporting phenomena recieved high critism as many faked the phenomena but many investigators have over the years claimed to have experienced it, but has anyone ever captured the moment? I don’t think they have.

I also want to add that during the time this occurred we got ‘Fuck Off’ on the EVP recorder, we heard walking behind Aimee and the bear triggered several times in response to our questions.

We also had a ball go off a table twice. We had tried to debunk this as possibly being us walking on the floor boards. However, we could not recreate it and when we placed the ball back on the table, the table had a dip within it which seem to secure the ball more in place than just being on a flat surface.

We did a static live within this area for 30 minutes to see if it occurred again and when Aimee went up to the attic to speak with the male we believed to be up there, the ball flew off towards Patt again. Unfortunately, the second time it did this we did not have have camera on.

Let us know what you think do you think it could be a Apporting Haunting

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