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My Paranormal Experiences | The Old Lady and My Cat Rosse | Simon Wilson

The Old LADY

As a young lad at the age of 11 years old, part of life was going with mum and dad for the ‘BIG SHOP’. The house I currently live in was my mum and dads back then, it was a normal council house for those days…

The front door led to the street and the back door was faced with a shared path between two adjacent houses; on the side of the house was a large window.

I have never experienced anything paranormal in this house before or after what I am about to describe.

On coming back from the ‘Big Shop’, I was always first out the house and down the path, past the big window. On particular day I was running down the path obviously to get into the house and I paused and stepped backwards; there was an old women almost sideways on….She was sat beyond the window on what would have been a seat, which we had the telephone on facing a large mirror.

The women was old and had white hair, she looked not too dissimilar to my nana just before she died but it was not her…as she died several years after this incident.

I can remember the women’s face it was frozen in time, very sad, and as real as you and I, not moving just a static image…I shrugged it off as I wanted to get upstairs and I did not mention the incident to anyone for many years….


When I first met my wife to be, I inherited two black domestic black and white long haired cats. She worked as a veterinary nurse so the cats were part of parcel of her life. The two cats were one Rosse and the other called Bronte and they were bother and sister.

The house which I will feature in my next story is sadly where Rosse was bitten by a stray tom cat and she died shortly after following a short battle with the AIDS equivalent for felines.

There was always a large stray tom cat outside our house, almost every day. This cat furiously fought battles with our cats. It got so bad we caught the cat and took it for a ride and took it to a farmyard about 5 mile from our house. Unbelievably, the next day we woke up to him sat on the wall opposite our house staring up at our window; how the bloody hell did he know his way back?

Rosse was probably the most relaxed, easy going animal I think I have ever had the pleasure of sharing space with.

Every morning at around 1am, I used to come upstairs and we would hear a scratch on the bottom of the bedroom wardrobe to notify us that he needed to go out.

Sadly, we had to have Rosee put to sleep as his treatment was not working. We kept his ashes in a Hearn within a glass cabinet in the living room.

I never stopped blaming myself for not taking the stray cat further afield.

One week to the day after he was put to sleep. My wife and I was awaken at 1am by the sounds of scratching at the bottom of the wardrobe. The same wardrobe Rosse always used to scratch to go out. We both looked at each other startled and amazed. I just said ‘Alright Rosse, thank you” and just like that it stopped…

if that wasnt confirmination that everything was alright, nothing is.

We did occassionly feel cat like padding movement on the bottom of the bed but sadly over time this did disperse.

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