All Hallows Eve Haunting | Hickleton Church | Doncaster

Hickleton Church located in Doncaster in the UK houses 3 skulls within its lychgate. Legend is that the 3 skulls belonged to men who were hanged for their crimes of rustling. They were hanged at the gallows on the village’s Hangman’s Lane before being displayed in the gibbets on the boundary as a warning. Other tales suggest that the three skulls were of African slaves belonging to a local family named the Halifax family. The 3 slaves were caught practicing voodoo and therefore beheaded. Locals who believe this particular tale believe that the slaves bodies are buried within the churchyard in unmarked graves….

Which ever tale is true, their skulls were put in the church lychgate with the chilling words ‘TODAY FOR ME, TOMORROW FOR THEE’ inscribed in the stone beneath.

Local legend says that if you visit the lychgate on All Hallows Eve at 3AM, you will hear the skulls mumbling and reciting a curse!

One of the skulls is replaced by a replica and some believe that a local occultist group stole the skull in the hope to obtain the secrets of the curse.

The 3 skulls can be still seen today in the Lychgate!

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