Bucks Bench | The Pirate Ship | Cleethorpe

A explore I did at the weekend, nothing related to the paranormal but abit more of a man made memorial site.

Buck Bench made its humble beginnings in 2016 after two Cleethorpes men put together a make-shift bench using driftwood.

Nick Albion, 51, and his father-in-law Roger Crawford, 81, simply wanted a place to rest their legs during their usual walk. Personally, having walked down the sand from the nearby car-park to the spot the bench was erected, I can see why it would be an appropriate rest point.

They began collecting pieces of draft wood and dug them into the ground to make a quick-and-easy bench. It wasn’t long until they brought a hammer and nails out with them to improve its safety and curb appeal.

Since then, the bench has “grown and grown” and it is now visible on Google Maps.

The creation has grown in popularity since, so much so people have proposed to their partners at the bench while others have scattered pets’ ashes at the ‘iconic’ landmark. Hundreds of memorials of lost loved ones, positive messages, and just general ‘we were here’ now don the walls. The tide was coming in at the time of my arrival, it truly is a fantastically tranquil place to watch the sunset, while hearing the lapping of the waves coming up to the seat the closest to the sea.

The bench has been added to by the community, it’s not a solitary creation anymore, it’s fantastic to see children approaching it respectfully and not moving any items.

It is sometimes known as the Pirate Ship by the children down there, and the Alamo by paddleboarders.

Simon Wilson

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