Mirrors and Thunderstorms | Superstition

Last week I seen a post that gave the theory that leaving a mirror uncovered during a thunderstorm can cause mirrors to attract bad energy which when looked into could transmitt to the person looking into the mirror.

This lead me on to looking up the theory which in all honestly – I couldn’t find much on, but I would say that if you conducted a mirror scrying session during a thunderstorm it could enhance your findings…because thunderstorms are widely believed to enhance paranormal activity.

However, I did find out from some research that many people from different cultural groups cover their mirrors during a lightning storm, thinking the mirror could attract lightning, or that the reflection of the lightning could kill them. Its also thought that by staring into a mirror during a thunderstorm this could attract more storms.

The superstitions are obviously myths and certainly a mirror couldn’t reflect it.  If a bolt of lightning were to strike a mirror, it would simply blast through the mirror. Now lightning is very bright, emitting a lot of light. Mirrors can reflect this light, if it happens to shine on the mirror, with ease.  But the actual bolt itself won’t deflect from its original path towards the mirror simply because the light is being reflected.

It does make me wonder where this superstition actually started from. I’m assuming that at one time someone must have been staring into a mirror when a lightning bolt struck them – Generally myths are started from some truth. It would seem that it widely believed in African cultures and alot today still rush about in their homes to take mirrors down and cover them during a storm.

Do you believe in mirror superstitions let us know!

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  1. As a little girl I would always see my mother running from room to room covering the mirrors but I never knew why. I’ve always thought I was Hispanic. However after some ancestry search I found that my maternal grandfather was an Octoron which is a person that has black blood. Thus my mother knew the mirror myth from him.

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