Walkie Talkies devices allow to communicate with your ghost hunting partners. If you are investigating a house and you have people scattered all over, walkie-talkies allow you to keep in touch.

Did we Capture a Spirit on A Walkie Talkie?

A few weeks ago myself, Aimee and Patt from Hunting the Haunted UK decided to investigate a abandoned mill located in Leeds. The mill does have a history and does have a haunted history. On a previous visit here, Patt came across a homeless man who informed Patt of his haunting experiences here when staying some nights.

The mill does have a murder linked to it, a police man killed his pregnant girlfriend here after guarding the mill all night and when she met up with him here, she faced a brutal end to her life. The policeman than went on to commit suicide.

I have to say in all the years I have been investigating I have never had to stand at my car and cleanse myself, team, my car and even my bag but I did here. As we was walking out the building there was what I would call a tuneful banging going off around us, I asked if it was spirit to repeat the sound and it did. At this point we did think it could be a actual physical person messing about but when we got back to the car the same banging continued on the fence located at the front of my car, I asked for it again and again it did it, this then followed with all my equipment in my bag going off and that was enough for me to say look, we need to go.

Myself and Patt started off on the second floor of the mill while Aimee decided to venture the bottom floor alone. I had given her the walkie talkie for safety. Patt went live from her Facebook page and Aimee went live from ours, meaning we have footage from both points.

Walkie talkies can be use as a piece of equipment but at this particular point in time, my only use for the walkie talkie was to ensure we was all safe.

Why can you use a Walkie Talkie as a piece of Equipment?

A group of people who are using walkie-talkies to talk to one another have to tune in to the same frequency band, which is called a channel. Their radios are all “receiving,” so their microphone/loudspeaker units are working as loudspeakers. When someone wants to to talk to the others, they hold the push-to-talk button on their handset. Their radio goes quiet as their loudspeaker switches over to a microphone. As they talk into it, their words are converted into radio waves and beamed out on the prearranged channel (typically at an ultra-high frequency, UHF, of 462–467 MHz in the United States, known as the Family Radio Service (FRS) and 446 MHz in Europe). Since radio waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, they travel at the speed of light (300,000 km/second or 186,000 miles/second), so the waves are picked up almost instantaneously by the other handsets. The radio waves are converted back into fluctuating electric currents and the loudspeakers use those to reproduce the sound of the talker’s voice.

So in terms of using it as a piece of equipment, you would ask spirit to use that radio wave you are using to communicate. Just be mindful walkie talkies can pick up on stray signals and can interfere with rem pods and k2s, but if all is considered can be a useful and can be a interesting piece of kit to use.

Our capture

Now, for those more logical and sceptical minded amongst us, I do know that walkie talkies can pick up on stray signals and it is fairly common for a walkie talkie to pick up on police vehicles nearby.

However, In this instance, I have to argue that I do not think this is a stray signal and the reason I don’t think it is, is because it only comes over on the one radio and that is ours. You can not at any point hear it on Aimee’s radio which she was only on the floor below on the same channel.

Surely if it was a stray signal it would have been audible on both radios that was using the same channel?

Do I think it was possibly the man I was picking up on at the time, in my opinion, yes I do. I also think it is possibly the policeman haunting the mill and I think he would have had good knowledge on how to interact on such things – it most definitely would have been a device he would have been familiar with in life.

Take a look at our shorten down clip from both lives below and let me know in the comments what you think.

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