Bermuda Triangle – Experiences From Our Group Members

The Bermuda triangle is always a fascinating topic to discuss and if this is your first time reading anything about the Bermuda Triangle than let me go into a bit more detail just what is it.

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Personal Encounter….

Personally I have passed over it a few times and there has only ever been one time that scared myself.

I was only 15 at the time and myself, my mum and dad was on a flight to Mexico. Obviously at 15 and with an interest in the paranormal at that age, I had heard of stories associated with the Bermuda Triangle. I remember the pilot coming over on the plane’s tannoy and stating that we was passing through the Bermuda Triangle and minutes later the pilot coming back on the tannoy to say we needed to fasten our seat belts as we was due to hit some turbulence. I remember absolutely bricking myself when we did hit turbulence thinking to myself what happens if we become one of them planes that just gets lost here, but, thankfully the turbulence stopped and I’m here to tell the tale and now have a giggle that I may have over reacted.

However, in more recent visits to Mexico and the Caribbean, I have noticed that the flights I have been on did not fly through it. I’m not sure if some pilots now purposely avoid it? That I would be interested to find out.

I decided to create a post in our community group to ask our members if anyone had any experiences and I was surprised to see some comments from people who claim to have experienced something while passing through the Bermuda Triangle.

Here are some of the replies:

Amy Pierce Ketner: My hubby and I went on a cruise in 2015 where we passed through the Bermuda Triangle. My watch, his watch and the ships clock were all different at one point. I’m talking hours different. I never did understand it.

Chellie Gardner : Personally I have experienced going through the triangle twice – Once on a cruise ship during the day and I felt nothing but peace and nothing strange happened, however, the second time I was there it was totally different.

We was on a private boat and it was during the night time, the fog was so thick you could barely see the person next to you and the waters glowed green. The boats electrical system shut down for about 25 minutes leaving us floating and drifting, after about 20 minutes or so as fast as the fog came in it was gone…The boat was operational again yet the water still had that green glow (which I learned was some kind of plantains)…it was amazing to see all the jelly fish and a school of dolphins following the boat.

Jacob Hyers: I have crossed it going to the Bahamas a few times, six by boat, twice by air – I am a scuba diver we dive from a 96ft dive boat that accommodates 10 people plus the Captain and his wife. We used take it in turns during the night to make sure we stayed on course.

One night the radar showed something in the water, so I woke the Captain. We had all the lights on as we approached the object. We cut the power to 1 knot and even with spotlights in search mode, we could not find the object. Later we talked and he had made this trip every week for 20 years and he said that was the strangest thing that had ever happened whilst in the triangle, he did tell me stories of UFO and UPA from around the area.

Ryan Maycock:  When I was doing my qualifying cross country for my commercial pilots license, I was flying to marathon international airport in the Florida keys, and when I landed, I spoke to a few fellow pilots and they told me about the triangle and stories they had about seeing UFO’s and strange lights in the ocean, compass errors, and radio static, pilots reported Foo fighters during the war in that area and the US navy I believe still investigate the water funnel theory.

Kathy Stewart: Yes. A ship my grandfather was on who luckily was not on the ship before it left at the port. The Ship was named the Cyclopes and nothing was ever found from the ship.

Have you had a experience, let us know in the comments.

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