Few weeks ago we decided to head to a abandoned house located on the A15 in Lincolnshire Nicknamed amongst locals and urban explorers as the ‘Rainbow House’ or ‘Murder House’. At the time of us going we did not know its specific nicknames, it appealed to us to go as it was on a stretch of road that has many ghostly sightings. I did not lead our audience into thinking a murder happened here, people were commenting about a murder before myself had picked up on something like that could have occurred here.

Very little is known about the abandoned house or who it belongs to, it was documented in Lincolnshire live that they contacted both Lincolnshire County Council and North Kesteven District Council to see who it belonged to and employees at either council was unable to dig up an owner for the property or any recorded reason for it being derelict. It does not seem to be registered with the land registry either.

We went, I would say we had a quiet night, we decided to stream our investigation live on Facebook where many viewers felt a murder may have happened here and felt a child in spirit was present with us.

The morning after, I recieved a message from our team mate Simon to tell me that he knew of the house and that it was nicknamed ‘The Rainbow House’ due to the stairs being painted in a array of colours, he also stated that locals and urban explorers state that a murder happened here. Of course, this interested me to dig a little deeper due to what myself and the audience had picked up on during our live.

The Truth

With a little help from historian Mike Covell and our own Gina Marshall. We was able to see from land maps of the area that the house would have been built between 1887 and 1905. A map from 1887 shows no property on the land and the next available map in 1905 shows a house.

1887 Map

In 1950, a ‘P’ is displayed in the map of the property, meaning that a water pump was on the site. At some point after this, I think personally it was again used as a house.


I do know that the road its located on was used as a turnpike road around the 1830s and William Lamyman owned the road at this point which the property was later built on. By as far as ownership that is all I know that is documented.

The building is only around a ten-minute drive from RAF Waddington so I do have to wonder if it was used during the war and may be why so little is documented on what or whose it is now.

Another story associated to the house is that a man committed suicide in the barn in the 1970s, however there is no newspaper reports on this specific incident.

A Murder

Mike had a look for newspaper reports on murders that was reported in the area. His search brought up a murder that happened on what we thought at the time was the same road.

However, Gina pointed out to me that it was not the same road and even though the names of the road was the same and there was only about a 30minute distance between the roads, there was absolute proof that this murder did not take place at this specific house because the house in which we visited was not in Boston and the newspaper reports confirms that the murder took place at Sleaford Road in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Locals and urban explorers obviously mix up the two and with slight adds on to story as there normally is with these types of stories, it is this specific murder that is believed by so many to have happened here, which in all fairness I can see why people do think it was indeed this house. As I say, there is only about a 30min driving distance between the two and the two roads are named exactly the same and located within the same district.

What I do find interesting is that our audience, some who don’t live the UK, so wouldn’t know of this house, did picked up on a murdered child. Some had to even leave the live as they felt to upset viewing the house.

Myself and Aimee have had many conversations on why we think that could have happened and why so many felt the way they did about a house that does in its own way have a story believed by so many even though in truth it was not associated to the real incident at all. An explanation of ours is that people could have been picking up on what is thought to have happened here or somewhere in the mist of things maybe a soul just wants their story to be known and they may not actually haunt this house or the one it specifically happened at but they just do not want their story lost…..its possible and its a theory and most certainly makes you think!

During our investigation we only recieved hits on equipment when asking about the murder, which was the same for Patt of Hunting the Haunted UK a week later.

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