A few weeks ago you may remember me talking about speaking to an American lady who reported in a forum that she had a time lapse on a visit to the 9 ladies Stone Circle located in Derbyshire in the UK while on holiday in the UK.

I can not believe I had not documented it at the time as she informed me that I could but thought I’d share her story now, I believe another writer ‘The Paranormalist’ also documented her story at the time in their magazine.

Linda Smith visited the 9 Ladies Stone circle along with her husband in the mid 1990s. Here Linda recalls the visit to the Nine Ladies.

“We set out from Bakewell immediately after breakfast, around nine a.m.

Finding the path off a country road, I set out to investigate because the path forked; my husband, with complications from diabetes, decided to wait. I soon discovered I had taken the wrong fork and retraced my way, only to find that my husband had elected to follow and try to catch up with me. We then took the left fork into the woods and without much delay came to the lovely Nine Ladies stone circle. A couple of other tourists were browsing. We really didn’t notice when they left, but we found ourselves in the center of the circle — alone in that beautiful wood.

My husband leaned down and picked up an object, saying, ‘Someone has lost a lens to their glasses’ and handed the object to me. On closer inspection I saw that it was a round clear glass like a monocle, with an old-fashioned gold rim and a hanger. In the very center was a brilliant green triangle, about 1/3 inch in diameter.

Intrigued, I pocketed it and we returned to the car, thinking it would be lunchtime before too long. Can you imagine our shock to find the rental car’s clock indicating the time was 3:45 p.m.? We thought that it was, of course, completely wrong. But it wasn’t. Somehow, we had spent nearly seven hours in what would have taken no more than two at most.

And the ‘monocle’? When I got home with it, I was quite puzzled that the beautiful green triangle in the center was no longer there! It simply disappeared and never came back.”

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