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Few weeks ago, myself, Aimee and Simon decided to head over to Essex to investigate what is believed to be one of the Most Haunted Locations in the area – Mr Cash’s Well – With promises documented that the area sends people crazy and many reporting they wanted to burst into tears as soon as they step foot near the well – We wanted to see where our own investigation led us.

We decided to do this live for our followers on Facebook!


Mr Cash’s Well, also known as Cash’s Vange Well No5 was built around 1923 by Edwin Cash. The well is the fifth of its kind in the local area. The water from the fifth well was thought to have medicinal benefits. It was high in mineral content and was advertised as such. The water was bottled and prepared at the site and was distributed to local chemists and stores by Mr Cash. But in 1924, The Vange Water company ceased trading. It was due to suspected water contamination, after drainage from the nearby sanatorium reportedly flooded the well.

The Well has stood abandoned and derelict ever since.

Nearby, at the top of the hill, there used to be in the 1920s a sanatorium, this provided tuberculosis treatment for sick young people.

Many people believe the children from the sanatorium may have used the woods in which the wells sits and it is even possible it could have at one time been suppling the patients at the sanatorium with its medical water.

The energies of the children are still said to linger in the woods today along with Mr Cash himself.

What did we find?

We didn’t get much at the well but we did capture a strange pulsing light around the well which looked red. We are not really sure what this could have been and we try at the time to debunk this. Was the Well pulsating energy?

We decided to head to what is called by Essex ghost hunters as the ‘Sinister Bridge’.

I have to say a lot of people did pick up on children in this particular area and this is the particular area where screams and children have been heard.

One viewer suggested we sit on the bridge to feel the energies of the children run over it but i decided to do one better and place a vibration monitor on the bridge to see if there was indeed vibrations coming from the bridge and if we could get this on command, I have to say at one point there was a spike on this vibrational monitor that was on command and we could not really explain and then the trigger bear we use did fall over and I cant say it was particularly windy.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think!

One of our viewers, Julie Wells also captured what looks like a man stood to the back of the well looking downwards, from other pictures and from footage review, nothing was located in this area to create this kind of image.

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