THE WATERLOO POTTERY KILN WAS named for the Battle of Waterloo that took place in 1815, the same year the kiln was built. It is one of the few surviving parts of the famous Rockingham Pottery, a complex of several kilns, a flint mill, china warehouses, and cottages that once occupied this site in Swinton, England.

When Rockingham Pottery closed in the 1840s, a door and windows were installed and the kiln was converted to a private residence, then later used as an isolation hospital for smallpox victims.

Is it haunted?

Paranormal Investigators believe so, from knowledge I know a strange creature has been reported around the pond area which was reported by one member of a team.

On our investigation Simon did report seeing a black dog in that area which seemed to disappear.

I believe a caretaker may have been sensed by a medium around the kiln.

Over the years, I have been several times, footage can be seen if you google Waterloo Kiln and Charlene Lowe Kemp and I never particularly got a lot, always seemed very peaceful and from others I’ve seen investigate here they have had a fairly quiet night, however, I do know one particular investigator felt he had made a connection with children when he visited.

We decided to call out to any possible children, whose energy may still linger here and we was absolutely amazed by the EVP we caught here. We didn’t capture anything else but this really made our night!

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