The Haunting That Terrified a Family | Lodge Farm | Chesterfield

Lodge Farm is a ruin farmhouse situated in Chesterfield in the UK, Which is located just off junction 29 of the M1.

The haunting story goes back to the winter of 1948, one of the farmers sons returned from work and decided to retire to bed around midnight. Exhausted he soon began to fall asleep. He was soon awoken by the heavy sound of footsteps near him and reported being glently touched by a unseen hand on his forehead. He rushed downstairs and decided to sleep down there with a light on for comfort.

Hearing phantom footsteps occurred regularly at the farm and with nothing else around it the was no other logical explanation to what or who it could be. Most of the phenomenon seemed to stem back to the farmers daughters room. The girls would often report hearing footsteps circling their bed and the terrified girls would lay rigid under their covers. One night, things got worse when one of the girls stated that they had been touched.

The phonomenon continued night after night, which resulted in the family refusing to sleep upstairs. Even the family dog acted strange at times and would often lift its head to the ceiling and howl.

It is reported that one night an Italian prisoner of war, came to stay at the farm. He was given a bed in the front room. By the next morning he was found in a state of panic, claiming that the room was haunted and begging to go back to the camp. He stated that throughout the night, something was turning the door handle and kept opening and closing the door continuously.

The Land itself has its ghostly reports.

A relative visiting the family on his motorbike decided to cut across the field to reach the lodge, as he approached the first gatepost, he saw a man standing by it. It was 10 o clock at night and the man was dressed in farmer type clothing – A bowler hat on, leather leggings and a raincoat. The family relative decided to speak to the man but he shown no interest and ignored him. He rode past him and as he approached the next gate seen the same man stood at the next gate. From one post to another was about 200 yards there was no way that he could have reached the second post before him and he doubled check to see if it was the same man and indeed it was – he was wearing the exact same clothing. At this point the relative was quite shaken and decided to turn back and take the longer route to the farm – unsure who or what he had just seen….

Dark History

The farm itself does have a darker history and could explain why there has been paranormal many paranormal occurrences. A previous tenant farmer who occupied the farm imprisoned his wife here when he found out she was having a affair. It is said that one day, the farmer, went to the market, but never returned. It is thought that he may have been murdered by his wife’s lover!

All information on this story is documented in Haunted Chesterfield and is where I have sourced it from.

Our Visit

I was eager to investigate this farm house, even though I knew it was in such a derelict state. Just be warned if you visit – the derelict remains are now next to a a very high pile of manure but is on a public path.

It was heavy rain also when we went so it was quite hard to use equipment but we did establish was there was a lady present possibly named Rose, a male and children. Our trigger Bear did respond when asking for the children to come forward. It felt as if we was investigating the ghosts of the family who was tormented by a ghost from years previous rather than investigating the Ghost that was allegedly there when they lived there.

It was a short visit as the rain got much worse but a viewer of ours, Julie Wells, captured a few interesting shadows which on first looking we thought was Aimee. The hood at the top indicates to me it could highly likely be but…

The only thing stopping me from debunking it completely is that fact, it seems to step back yet we both had remained still and when Aimee turns the camera back around, the torches still in the same spot. The shadow seems to have disappeared. Also remember the report is of a man in a hat!

People have reported seeing many faces in this one… It was cold, alot of the mist is our breath but it just pose the question is it just paradolia or does our breath and mist form some kind of aid for spirit to be seen in better.

Have you ever been here? have you ever seen anything, lets us know!

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