Ghost of White Lady Caught at Annesley Hall | Nottingham?

Captured By Our Viewers, Dawn Dudleson 2019

We have investigated the Old Annesley Church Ruin nearby Annesley Hall in Nottingham, quite a few times over the years now.

One specific investigation of interest was back in 2019 when we had what seemed as a lady coming through on the ITC devices we were using. Many watching informed us that at one point it looked as if a lady was stood in the old hall, which over the years has been set on fire with the upper floors of the building being completely inaccessible, so nobody was there and the only way to truly investigate it now is to stand by it via standing in the Old Church ruin now days.

I have investigated and looked at this area many times since this capture was caught and personally I cant see anything in that particular spot that could have caused it to appear as if a lady was stood there myself. From what I can see is a side view of a lady, maybe with a hat on walking through.

Who Could the Lady be?

Over the years many have reported seeing Mary Chaworth, who lived at the Hall, She has been sighting in this particular area walking in and out her own bedroom as well as walking through walls.

A ghostly figure is sometimes seen peering out of one of the windows in the mews. This apparition is thought to be the spirit of a young servant girl who hanged herself off the staircase in the laundry centuries ago after suffering from the hands of a man, it is believed that she appears at the windows looking if her abuser will return.

Do you see her?

Pictured here is Mary Chaworth…

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  1. I also took a photo of the same window when l zoomed the photo to make it bigger l have a figure of a woman in white with long black hair. Went back a few weeks later and took another photo of the same window but it wasn’t in that one.

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