Guardian Angel True Stories

All over the world people report encounters with mysterious beings. They appear to bring important messages or lend much-needed assistance at a vital point in time for that person who encounters them, then they vanish without a trace.

With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be good to feature some true angelic experiences. Last week, I ask the Paranormal Hauntings group if they had ever seen their Guardian Angel and the response was good. Here are a few of these encounters from the post….. Enjoy!

ANON: I had a bad wreck in 1986, I broke both legs in a car wreck couldn’t be seen from the road was in a ravine, a guy showed up and had an Irish setter with him and he rang for help, if he hadnt I may not be here today. My accident happened on Christmas Eve the day after Christmas my family went to find the guy, they stopped at all the homes in a 2 1/2 mile area but couldn’t find him no one recognized the description. I called 911 to see if they could give me the number of the person who called it in, there were no cellphones back then, they had no record and told me it was probably called into local EMS directly contacted both police and fire departments but there was no record… Only explanation makes sense is guardian angel and his dog.

Shau Ni Miya: I have been very near death a few times. Somehow I pulled through. And every single time “SHE” was there, she guided me out of it. I never saw her, she was in my peripherals but her presence and bright light dragged me out every-time. The most beautiful being I have ever encountered. When I was okay she left. I cannot wait to see her one day. She saved my life. Nobody understands what I have seen but that’s okay. I know I’m loved.

Karen Edenhauser: I was in a bad car accident back in 2001. There was this lady standing by the car she was a black woman dressed in white. She told me I was gonna be ok. I closed my eyes for a second and puff she was gone.

Brooke Salis: Yep! Mine is my father’s mother (my grandmother) who passed away when my father was 9 years old from cancer, she was only in hers 30’s. When I was a baby, a medium in our family without knowing who she was, told my parents my guardian Angel was a lady with a Dutch accent and IS named Anna Maria. That’s her! Although I was never able to meet her when she was alive, as she passed many years before I was born, I met her in my dreams as I make contact with spirits in my sleep. I had another psychic in the family (whom I had met only a couple years beforehand) give me a reading on my 18th birthday. She said that my grandmother was telling her all about me and what I’d been through. It really warmed my heart to know she’s still with me.

Branham Marie: No but when I was 20 I swear my guardian angel saved my life…I was very drunk it was late night I went to step off the curb and someone pulled me back just before a bus passed by… No one was with me… no one was was outside with me…that was 38 yrs ago…I’ve never forgotten.

Have you ever seen your Guardian Angel? Let us know in the comments.

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