A Ghost Painted in a Painting!

Last year while visiting Jamaica, I was took to the Great Green Wood plantation house to have look round. As I strolled the halls and rooms, I finally came to a opening leading up the stairs. I noticed a Huge Painting on the wall to the side of the stairs and notice automatically that something was not quite right about it. Upon looking, one of the figures in the back ground seems to look faded yet 3D. I comment on this and the guide told me that actually the picture and figure I was seeing was actually a ghost that had been painted into the picture and is known to them as the halls ‘Duppy Corner’.

I have never known painters to have done this before in dated paintings and it makes me wonder just why did they decide to put a ghost in?

There is so many questions to why but no definite answers as the current Barrett family members like to say very little in its legends.

Zoomed in. The two living members of the painted barrett family appear as if they are acknowledging the ghost !

Was the family experiencing activity and the painter knew this?

Was the painter a medium? and was picking up on this energy?

Had the painter experienced activity while painting the picture?

All I know is this, the Barrett family who owned the house at the time, thought there was two ghosts in the house. One is painted in the painting and the other is believed to have been captured in a photograph on the balcony.

The man you see in the rocking chair is the plantation owner….the lady stood behind him died 2 years before this picture was taken!

Ghost stood behind!
How the balcony now looks

At one time, the Barrett family living here must to some degree have felt extremely connected to the ghosts they thought was residing here.

Looking through history, how many paintings can you say you have seen that has included a ghost? I cant say I have seen any, which tells me to have included a ghost in one of their paintings there must have been a strong connection there and they must have 100% believed.

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