Calverton Village – Nottingham – UFO sightings

Calverton Village in Nottingham is rife and well known for its stories of ghosts and legends but what isnt quite so known is its UFO sightings.

Here is 2 true encounters I found on Calvertonvillage.Com:

‘In May 1991, Doreen Sylvester was walking her dogs late at night, around quarter to twelve. Suddenly she looked up in the sky and a distant aircraft caught her attention. Looking at it with more scrutiny she noticed how bright the ‘thing’ was. It had four massive spotlights in the shape of a cross and was coloured orange and white.

Doreen could not make out the shape of the ‘thing’ but she said that it must have been about 1000 feet up in the air. She went indoors to fetch her husband and told him to come outside and see for himself. They looked up and watched in awe as the bright lights flew towards them, their dogs were barking like mad at the ‘thing’. As the ‘thing’ flew passed overhead, they noticed a very deep humming noise coming from it, although it was a very quiet sound. Doreen ran to get her binoculars but by the time she had acquired them the ‘thing’ was on its travels again. She had seen the ‘thing’ for about 5 minutes. 

On the 21st September 2002 at 10:40pm, a father and son, who prefer to remain anonymous, were walking their dogs in a field close to woodland. They were 40 yards up a hill when they spotted a vast number of  silent cloud-like grey objects streaming right to left at around 60mph and around 200 feet off the ground. The objects, on reaching the middle of the field suddenly changed direction and shot away over the top of the woodland and into the night sky. The dogs were terrified, they streaked back to their house and hid under the beds, they wouldn’t come out for at least 50 minutes. What they were is still a mystery today… ‘

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