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Before I go into the history of this place, Sometimes explorers and investigators name places after things they have found in a location and the reason for this is to protect the location especially if that location is untouched. This therefore makes it slightly harder to document its history as we have to aviod putting in certain proof that name the location directly but we will always name it something that is associated to the location!

On Friday 13th 2020 I seen a location on a urban site nicknamed the ‘satanic retreat’ by a explorer. A quick search by myself revealed where the location was and we decided to head out to see what we found. It interested us as one particular had a corridor of what appears to be bible pages across the walls. The rest of the house looked untouched and quite clean yet appeared derelict and fake plants scattered in places. There was no smell of paint and certainly no proof that its been a film set at any point but then again we had only ventured into certain parts of the house. However, we did think it may have been used in some way to this day because there was chairs stacked.

I had seen a brief history of the location on searching for it on the urban site 28 days later, which included a video and which included the same corridor with the same bible prints in 2019. All searchable on their site if you know the location name already!


As documented on various sites on Google and in records.

Info from : A photographic archive of leeds

A substantial house which was built on the site of the medieval Nostell Priory monks’ cell. It has been the residence of several well known families: D’Arcy, Gascoigne, Fairfax and Goodricks. It was also to become the home of Charles Allanson, M.P. for Ripon. In 1842/3 the Biggin was leased to Dr. Benjamin Bentley Haigh and became Bramham College, a prestigious school for boys. It was much extended to include a large hall, a theatre, gymnasiuim and cloisters. The huge Grecian style refectory culminated in a glass dome. The life of the college was shortlived, however, when in 1869 cholera struck and Dr. Haigh and several pupils died. All the additional buildings were demolised leaving the Biggin in its original state where it reverted to a private residence.

I have got all 7 pupils names of who died.

Info found on leeds forum

In the mid-nineteenth century the Biggin was leased and much-extended as a College. After the college closed with the college buildings dismantled the house reverted to being a house and yet remained within the Estate, lived in by Mr Duncalfe, and the Hon Christopher York before the Second World War. During the war a Miss Brown ran a nursery school there and it was used for a time to house evacuees. Following the war Col and Mrs Lane Fox, Mr and Mrs Oliver, Mr and Mrs Fawcett have lived there. It is still leased by the local Estate and what we could find nobody else as lived here leaving it in a derelict state.

We decided to hold a investigation here which while we did we had 3 different devices go off within the 1 hour 20 minutes we was here. I had only information from 28 days later which i state on the live ‘It was used for a excavation house in WW2 and as a nursery’.

My first thoughts of the bible passage corridor was that the house may have some point been a retreat for someone who may have been suffering with a mental health issues. I’ve seen this in recent years and it can be a common trait in certain illnesses.

We called our live investigation the ‘Unusual Mansion, considering what others had named it, I thought we did well to not click bait it and asked our audience on what they thought the corridor was about. They thought it maybe some form of protection against something or like me maybe some kind of religious base for someone. Considering people had chapels and such in their attics the time this was built the idea is quite plausible.

People watching sensed a monk presence here and a lot felt children.

On the Spirit box we did recieve the response ‘East Drive’ which was quite interesting as actually 30 East Drive, which is commonly known for the ‘Black Monk’ haunting isnt that far away and as stated in the history the site was once used as cell for a monk.

After the live, people sent in screenshots of what looked like children around and I cant say one person sent in one which looked anyway sinister to say how sinister the corridor felt.

We headed downstairs and did a short spirit box session, but ourselves we did not get anything in that area.

The next day Dave Brown and Natalie went to the house they felt a bit like us on first entering – A bit on edge and nervous. They actually did not stay long in the corridor and did more downstairs, which we had suggested to see what they got. They had very intelligent hits on the spirit box and equipment go off.

On the Sunday, The Ouija Brothers went to investigate the house, I had sent them minimal information only what I had seen and that we had found out that the pictures on the walls was all by one artist, which we found strange.

The Ouija Brothers did not have a lot happen in the corridor there main activity was in the lower half of the house, where Dave and Natalie had most of their activity.

The day after the investigation Myself, Dave, Natalie all felt ill – was this consequence? I had remarked that I had a bad dream when I got back from investigating the house and Natalie confirmed the same and the dream was very similar. Our chat at this point consisted on if there children who died at this location of cholera may have left some kind of energy imprint on us all as we all had what seem like a tummy bug and looking at the symptoms of cholera, it could relate.

Since then, I have seen various other teams go and claim to have experienced poltergeist activity – I cant comment on what they encountered as I do not know them well enough too – but have my own opinions. Its a sad day when you see chairs being thrown around in such a beautiful location.

22nd November 2020, I received a message to say that a old team member of ours had been to the location and was claiming that he had bumped into the caretaker and that the corridor was indeed a film set. I’ve watched the footage I cant say it seems as if they did know while exploring it, it was a film set – They even remark on the same things as we did on what it could be ;). And the caretaker isnt going to make it sound exactly exciting as he probably wants to draw attention away im assuming.

However, what he failed to mentioned was that Bramham Park is haunted by the the sounds of horses “galloping in the dell near the cricket pitch” because it was a old battlefield! Go on Google the park its there for you to see and that the Hall and its grounds is indeed haunted by a man!

So, we decided to look if a production had ever occurred here, and it would seem that yes a film on a serial killer was filmed here.

It doesn’t say the corridor was dressed for this film but its highly possible that it could have been dressed for a scene.

Here is that confirmation – Name as been blocked out of course – if any one is wanting to check, please use the website in picture.

We also found out why the bible was Pasted to the walls..

I am also later told that it is possible that a new production is currently happening as there was floor plans, even though the floor plans for the new production was wrong.

So Our conclusion

The location has the history to warrant a investigation if you ask me, Is it haunted? – Well it provided some interesting results for them that actually did investigate it. It has a better history than some other locations I can think of with 0 deaths recorded…such as for names sake …. 39 De Grey! who claim it to be the most haunted house in the UK.

I would assume that for now the location may be sealed and for any one who may visit it in the future if it becomes open again just be careful because if a new production is in process – I have no idea what you may find!

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