Have you ever felt watched but NOBODY is there?

Have you ever been sat on your sofa and all of a sudden you have had a strange vibe? or maybe when you start to ascend your stairs at night you feel someone is behind you watching and rush to the top – but nobody else is in?

Such feelings normally occur when we are around a person – our skin has micro senstive sensors which are all lined in our brain and these brillant sensors of ours send signals to the brain and causes our body to have a reaction.

So when you are out shopping or walking down the street and you start to feel as if someone is watching you and you turn to see and there actually is this is because your skin alerted your brain! Brillant isnt it?

So what about when you are home alone or out investigating the paranormal and this sudden feeling comes on?

This feeling could be the result of your skin interacting with the electromagnetic fields or static in the environment you are in – this then sends very similar signals to your brain which gives your immediate response that ‘someone is watching you’.

Of course, the theory is ghosts may use such fields to make themselves known to us, so your response when nobody is around yet you feel someone is ‘still there’, this could very well mean that a ghost could be near by – or it could just be the environment you are in.

Our Eyes

Our eyes are amazing detectors and sensors for our brain and did you know that even if someone is blind, their eyes sensors still respond especially in a part of the brian which is called the amygdala – This area of the brain responds to threats and arousal.

In a study by TN on the eyes and the blind, a blind participant had pictures of people placed in front of him looking directly at him and his brain activity especially in the amygdala spiked even though he could not see the pictures.

This study may have gave us a explaination into “sixth sense” feeling we have about being watched – Our brains are doing a lot of work under the surface of our conscious gaze.

So if you’re sitting on the sofa and you get that feeling, chances are, you may have picked up on other cues outside your direct field of vision. What that cue is at that time especially if your on your own is where lays the mystery and your brain is simply responding to something you could have unconsciously seen 😱.

Charlene Kemp

2 thoughts on “Have you ever felt watched but NOBODY is there?

  1. How interesting about blind people and photos placed in front of them! That’s amazing. Yes, sometimes I do feel like someone’s watching me. I like to think of it as my late father popping by to say hello, or maybe some other dearly departed. It hasn’t scared me yet. Good post.

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