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Ive visited and wrote on Rockley Furance located in Barnsley in the UK before so ill keep the history of the location quite brief.

Remains of a ruin Engine House

It was buit between 1698 and 1704 and the furnace formed part of the trade syndicate in Yorkshire centred on the Spencer’s of Cannon Hall.

During the 18th century it made cast iron using ores mined in the same valley and charcoal from surrounding woodlands.

The Furance we see today is believed to date back to the 17th century but its believed that in the 16th century there was two, the second now not visible.

Ghostly Reports

Screen grabbed from haunted-Yorkshire.co.uk


My visits

On my first visit, there was markings on the furnace which I believe could have been a indicator of witchcraft! 4 years on after my visit and a lot more knowledge under my belt, im less inclined to think this.

Ive notice that over the years, other investigators have visited. One person I know, Phil Sinclair, who reported to have something thrown at him while being present here.

During my last visit this week, Paul Skirt of Spooks pursuit commented to me to inform me that he too believes and has experienced something of a paranormal nature here.

Yesterday, I also noticed that another investigator had been, Natalie Smales and Dave Brown of combined Paranormal who reported during his live investigation that he heard walking around and seemed to capture interesting EVPS.

A Name we received through the spirit box was ‘Peter’ but our most impressive response was when we asked Spirit to say where we was, Aimee said ROCKLEY….and ROCKLEY could be heard back as a response.

We also heard walking and at times whispering.

Throughout the night, Touch trigger balls was triggered and even towards the end of the night as I was saying goodbye, the flash balls seemed to trigger like I had previously asked for.

On Reviewing the live, From 54 mins, we are reviewing a EVP session we conducted. At one point during this session, I actually hear a AVP – A Audible at the time, Voice Phenomena. I then say is it just me and I say this as I heard audible whispers throughout my whole time there that Aimee wasn’t hearing at times, The EVP recorder picked up prior to me saying this ‘ITS ME’ in a male voice.

This can be heard on the mini clip below:

We also decided to do some black mirror scrying here – The Black mirror is believed by many to influence manifestations and open the door to the other realm and act as a divination tool to see past, present and future events.

Below are some of our captures

Native American?

A Shadow of a man in hat? it does resemble the Hat man if I’m honest but due to it being mined land the hat could also resemble a Mining helmet.

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  1. I would love to tour this place just for the history itself. I do see what appears to be a helmeted figure however I’m not convinced helmets would have been used in England for mining in the period.

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