Top 3 Ghost Hunting Apps for iphone/ipad / ios

I’m often asked what is the best ghost haunting apps to use on iPhone, Ipad /ios, as majority of the ghost hunting apps you see used are primary for android phones.

So I’ve had a look, tried and rate the following 3 applications to use on your device.


This app is made by digital drowsing, and more famously known for inventing the Paranormal Puck, Ovilus Talker, EM Pump, Video Ovilus, PX aswell as many other devices.

The iOvilus produces speech based on changes to sensors in the iPhone. The idea is that an outside force can affect a change that registers a response. The application uses words from over a 2000 word dictionary to achieve ITC Communications.

The app costs 1.99 and is a effective tool for people wanting to delve into ITC.

App can be downloaded on link below:


A app which acts as a spirit box, it has chopped up words within its sound banks, therefore no words or phrases should be produced from this. If a word or phrase is heard, the belief with such applications is if you do hear a word or a phrase this could possibly be spirit communication.

This application also as extra 9th sound bank if you wish to use it called ‘White Noise’, this can be used alone or along with the other 8 sound banks. The white noise used isn’t generated naturally, therefore isn’t pure, it is simply a recording of internal sounds of the DR60 recorder.

The application also contains echo and reverb audio effects. It is reccomended to use these features to ITC session as the general thought by paranormal ITC researchers is that it is better to hear responses and to create a spacious sound environment.

This ghost hunting app comes in at abit of a steeper price than some at £9.99. However, many paranormal Investigators who have used it truly believe it could be communicating with spirit and it’s provided investigators with some interesting potential evidence of the paranormal.

To download, please click the link below

GhostTube SLS

I was actually abit skeptical of this application before trying it, however, it does seem to detect and map the same things similar to what a Kinect SLS camera picks up and works.

The SLS camera detects bodies in the environment, it is believed spirits could potentially show up in a SLS camera is they are near and form in stick form as a living person would.

To download this app, your device requires the dual camera system and must have a specific chipset, specifically the A12 chip or above which is commonly found in iphone XS, iphone XS Max, iPhone XR, Ipad Air (2019) or later.

Free to download here

Just remember, ghost hunting equipment isn’t cheap and payable apps actually cost considerably less than most devices on the market so in the long run paying out on some apps can cost alot less and you are basically receiving the same thing but in a app form.

👻Have fun, be safe and don’t forget….. stay spooky 👻

Charlene Kemp

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