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What is a God’s Helmet

The first god’s helmet AKA Koren Helmet was developed by Stanley Koren and neuroscientist Michael Persinger to study creativity, religious experience, and the effects of subtle electrical stimulation of the temporal lobes via an 8 coil system.

Stanley and Michael believed that by stimulating the temporal lobes from left to right by small electrical systematic pulses, it mildly disrupts the brain and causes the left side of the brain to communicate with the right, he then believed such simulation can induce spiritual and mystical experiences.

According to Persinger, who tested the God Helmet on more than 2,000 subjects, up to 80 percent state that the mild disruption that the God Helmet provides created a “sensed presence,” a feeling subjects, both those who identified as believers and non-believers, described as religious, or spiritual.

Over the years, people have tried to replicate the helmet and found that it didn’t work on their participants, but it is unclear how many participants they tried it on.

What is the Ganzfeld Experiment

The Ganzfeld experiment is a German experiment and means ‘the entire field’.

The participate is placed in a chair in an isolated room. Translucent ping-pong ball halves are taped over the eyes and headphones are placed over the ears, a red floodlight is then directed toward the eyes which produces an undifferentiated visual field. White noise is then played through the headphones to produce an analogous auditory field. By doing this it makes the participants lose all sensory deprivation and our other senses not being flooded to be heightened!

We decided to use both methods to see what will occur.

Our main aim at the moment is to see if it does increase psychic ability and we are going to do this by taking participants to locations rumoured to be extremely haunted. Some of the time participants will be blindfolded and will not know the location they are going to at all and will not be aware of where they are until the experiment has been completed.

The aim is to see if the participants feel, see or hear what is rumoured to haunt the location.

First experiment – The House That Cries – Aimee Sirdifield.

The first experiment was one that would begin to set a precedent – a little hint of what was to come and what was to be expected from future sessions.

Just how effective this helmet would be or which element of the experiment would have greater or less impact on the human psyche were the topic of our thoughts and conversations, myself and Charlene had in the weeks leading up to our first taste of what the experiment would have in store.

The first location – The House That Cries – seemed a perfect location for our first attempt at using this device. The building has a well-documented history and there are a few documented occurrences of paranormal activity.

Personally, I knew very little about the location, and the participant – Simon, also knew very little about it.

Arriving at the location we were given a tour of the home of the lady who owns the building. This tour contained absolutely no historical or paranormal information.

Immediately, after the tour, I and Charlene picked a room and set to get Simon prepared.

We sat Simon down, measured his resting heart rate and oxygen levels – we did this to take extra precaution but also to put it fouth as evidence that if things occurred during the experiment, for example, Simon jumped – the heart rate monitor would have shown a dramatic increase in his pulse to show that.

I and Charlene predicted that Simon wouldn’t experience anything until the 20-25 minute mark. However, only a few minutes into the experiment after turning the right lobe simulation on, Simon received his first vision.

A few minutes later, Simon was having multiple visions. Upon reflection, the fact Simons visions expanded – giving him a little more information about the same structure, shows, or at least hints towards a progression of some sort.

Aside from structures and buildings, Simon also saw images of people, who he was very descriptive about. One that instantly comes to mind was the image of a woman in her early 20s, all in white with long, thick, and curly hair. Unbeknown to Simon, when we first arrived at the property, myself and Charlene made our way to the side door which looked onto the garden and Charlene stopped and indicated she felt and seen an image of woman on the garden – The description mirrored what we would get later in the experiment. Simon wasn’t at all aware of what Charlene had seen or felt on the garden and at no point did she reveal her vision to Simon until after the experiment had ended.

Simon gave us a steady stream of information, he was receiving via visions. He didn’t at any point report hearing voices in the white noise playing in his ears but did say he could see a wolf type animal through the actual ping pong balls at one point.

At certain points, Simon reported feeling a cold breeze pass him and felt something walk past him and touch him, at this time the temperature meter placed at the side of him did trigger, it didn’t record a decrease in temperature but an increase.

From an observational point of view, we noted changes in Simons breathing, and also at one point, his voice would change. He says at one point, ‘Keep Calm’, which after we questioned him about this, he stated he doesn’t remember saying it and when referring to the lady he saw earlier, he says he saw a male who keeps saying ‘wish she would fuck off’ – it was just after he said this, he then says it again on a lower tone and thought gritted teeth and had a snarling expression. Again, Simon can not remember saying it twice, only the once and this proved very interesting for us as we know this was very out of character for Simon.

Links to the the location.

The only link that was clear within simons session compared to the location was the house did use to belong to a priest in the 1600s, who reported and documented he had to move out of the property due to reports of a poltergeist terrorising his family.

Simon reported seeing alot of arches and described what I can say sounded like a Abbey or maybe even a church.

The main report here in recent years as been puddles appearing from nowhere and water dripping from the beams with no explanation to where it as came from so it was interesting when Simon mentioned water and described a water fountain was this something significant to the location?


I knew very little about what the Gods Helmet was as I didn’t research it; Basically, all I knew was, that I was going to be wearing it for half an hour at Graiseley Old Hall.

I was told it stimulated the lobes on the sides of the head and that, in theory, could heighten any senses and possibly give effects similar to psychedelic drugs.

Firstly I was a bit anxious about having half an hour with the Ganzfield experiment as last time I had this for 20 minutes and it felt like I was drowning underwater. The white noise was somehow distorting the white noise into the sound of bubbles, tiny bubbles.. this manifested itself into me underwater or been sort of waterboarded. At the time I had to keep telling myself this isn’t real – to stop the panic of what is a fear of mine… been drowned. The Gods Helmet bit of the experiment didn’t bother me.

EMF was pumped through the coils in the helmet each side, white noise was played to me through a device and my eyes were covered with half ping pong balls and blasted repeatedly with pulsing red light [The later of this is known as the Ganzfield Experiment]

I am logical thinking, this comes across to many that am a skeptic; I am not a skeptic. I am a believer in the paranormal and have had more experiences then most people will ever have (but that’s another story), however, logic must be applied first to whatever you are experiencing before jumping to a paranormal conclusion.

The experiment began fine as I remember.. straight away I was seeing what looked like archways… to an abbey or a fine church.. it was almost a 3rd person view… slowly going towards these arches.. but not fully going through them… there seemed resistance when I tried to push my view to go through them… Was this the red pulsing lights going into my eyes that at the time because of the shape of the ping pong balls somehow creating arches of lights? I don’t know… would be interesting to do another experiment to see if I got the same result.

I quickly was aware of a woman in all white.. late 20s early 30s in a long dress, she either had a lot of curly hair or there were flowers like daisies, etc in her hair. I couldn’t distinguish the difference She was sat in one of the archways… on either some of the window ledge or a sort of seat that was coming out the wall. The woman kept sitting down and then standing up, that is all she was doing… almost like she was waiting for someone to turn up or was looking out for someone… impatiently.

I later had the same vision of the woman however just from the back… from just above her hips downward.. she had her hands on her hips.. again was this a sign of impatience.. I took it like that… I was trying to so hard to get my view to swing around and up to see her face.. couldn’t manage it.

On one of the archways was a face… a face that at the time I didn’t say as I didn’t know if I got the name correctly.. the face looked like Brian Blessed’s face.

I heard a voice in my head say… “I wish she would fuck off”. I took it as he was referring to this woman, at least in my vision.

The letter P came to my mind, then I think I said Car.. what I actually saw was the word carpark.. am thinking that meant nothing and I just saw the P and Carpark meaning parking.. irrelevant. I also got the word, French.. No idea what that meant…

I saw what at the time was something with animated water coming out either side of it.. I thought it might have been a figure but after a while, it emerged to be a water fountain/feature… I saw a line of tall trees near it.. beyond the fountain.. was a grass lawn, there were ladies dressed in white playing crochet or something,…beyond that was a mansion/hall.. it had the most amazing stone pillows… that’s all I can remember of that.

At some point you can clearly hear the words from me saying stay calm, I cannot recall saying that! My voice looking back at the live did change, I cannot explain that either, as I was pretty relaxed tbf.

Finally, near the end I thought I was seeing the handlebars of a motorbike, I was smiling for a while because I didn’t know if to mention it had morphed into a goats head with droopy ears.. very bizarre and made me laugh.

30 minutes seemed like 10 minutes..


Overall a positive session, but only small amounts of information could be tallied up with the limited amount of information we had about the property.

The next experiment is to take Simon to a location with a dominant haunting, which would be unknown to him and would be blindfolded and given no information to where we were going and see if he got dominant haunting or not.


Charlene Lowe Kemp – Aimee Sirdifield – Simon Wilson

Full Experiment can be seen here

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